You’ve probably noticed things have been quieter on our blog and social channels for a few months. There’s a good reason: we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a newer, better version of ourselves. 

We’re pleased to announce that Treated 2.0 is now just around the corner.

Here’s what to expect.


More affordable treatments

We’ve been serving you since 2015. In that time, we’ve sent you surveys, asked you to review us on TrustPilot, and listened to your feedback. 

And the one issue about our offering that’s come up more than anything else? Cost.

We’ve always kept a close eye on our prices, staying committed to keeping them as low as possible. But we know the financial pressure many of you are going through right now, due to the pandemic and the rising cost of living.

So we’ve taken this into account, and given our prices a complete overhaul. And we’re pleased to tell you that many of the treatments offered on our new site will either be cheaper than they are now, or stay the same despite inflation. 

Making healthcare affordable is at the core of what we do. So even beyond our relaunch, we’ll continue to monitor prices regularly to make sure you’re getting the best value possible. 

Coming soon: Better access to clinicians

It isn’t always easy getting through to a doctor or pharmacist. Even with just a minor question. We know how it is.

So we took a long hard look at our offering, and thought about what we could do to give you even more value. 

Here’s what we came up with: 

  • the option to ask our doctors a question, any time you like.

In an improvement we’re making available soon, for a whole 12 months after ordering with us, or for the whole time you’re subscribed (more on that later) you’ll be able to login to your account and ask our doctors, practitioners and pharmacists any question you need to. It doesn’t have to be about your specific treatment, or even the specific condition you’re taking it for. It can be about anything health-related.

Our clinicians will be available during the day on weekdays, but they’ll often check messages outside of normal working hours. When you ask a question, you’ll get a response from them in one working day or less.

Your treatments made more convenient

At some point in our lives, most of us have run out of our regular prescription medication at least once. Sometimes it’s because we meant to reorder it but life got in the way. Other times it might be because of a problem with a prescription, or a medication not being in stock.

When we built Treated, we built a system behind it that sends reminder emails when we think you’re about to run out of medication. But we know emails can get lost, end up in the wrong folder, or opened and forgotten about if we’re busy.

For a lot of repeat treatments, the perfect solution is to set up something that automatically renews your prescription, and sends your medication when you need it – without you having to make any phone calls or appointments. 

And with our new site, this is an option you’ll get.

You may have already run into EveAdam, our sister site that deals solely in treatment subscriptions. 

The new Treated will join and EveAdam together, to create a joint offering so you can choose better: one-time orders, or subscription. 

With one-time orders, you’ll be able to get a single delivery of the treatment you need. And if you need to reorder it, you can do this at a time that suits you.

With subscriptions, you’ll get to set your own delivery frequency, so you can have your treatment sent to your door as often as you need it. When it’s time to renew your prescription, we’ll send you a message so you can do this quickly and easily online, and your deliveries can continue.

A new look

Our doctors want to give you the knowledge you need to empower you to choose better. 

So with our new offering comes a new, exciting brand identity, with a completely new tone of voice. 

We know how important it is to be able to find the treatment you want, and get the reliable, easy-to-understand info you need.

Our new site makes it simple to sort through the info you’re looking for so you can make more informed, better choices about your health.

Here’s a taster:

Our new brand logo


Choosing from a selection of treatments recommended by our doctor


The same great service you’re used to

In addition to the new look and new features, you can still expect to receive the same high standard of service and care you’ve had from us before. We wouldn’t sacrifice this for anything. 

You’ll still be able to reach us over the phone, by email, or through chat. And if there’s anything about these changes that you like, or don’t like, or something specific you want to see, we want to know.