Monday is here again, so let's get down to business with Dr Osborne's pick of health industry tweets. 

The rising levels of childhood obesity have been in the news. On Monday the World Health Organisation (WHO) shared the six main recommendations from the recent report created by the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity (ECHO). It includes the promotion of healthy food and physical activity. 

0125 WHO Twitter

Last week saw the whole of Twitter celebrating National Breakfast week. On Tuesday Creamline Dairies posted an infographic of favoutite UK breakfast facts.  

0126 Creamline Twitter

On Wednesday the British Society of Immunology gave us an insight into how Cancer Research UK is using immunology (the science of the body's natural defence system) in the battle against the disease. 

0127 Brit Soc Imm Twitter

Wearable technology was a huge trend in 2015, one which will undoubtedly continue to make waves in 2016. On Thursday Medical News Today talked about the latest in wearable gadgets. According to a journal recently published by Nature we could soon be wearing devices that monitor our sweat and let us know when we are dehydrated or experiencing muscle fatigue. 

0128 MNT Twitter

Friday's tweet is for those currently enjoying a tasty cup of coffee. Health magazine listed the potential health benefits of this favoured caffeinated beverage. 

0129 Health Mag Twitter

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