Last week the health industry Twittersphere offered up a bounty of thought-provoking and informative tweets. Let's take a look...

On Monday, in the build up to #WorldCancerDay (8th February) global pharmaceutical company Bayer taught us a bit about the formation of cancerous tumors. 

0201 Bayer Pharma Twitter

As part of #CharityTuesday Beating Bowel Cancer shared information on the importance of screening tests. 

0202 Bowelcancer Twitter

We recently shared a blog article about alcohol consumption and the associated health risks. This hot topic was also covered by Public Health England on Wednesday

0203 PHE Twitter

On Thursday Sport Psychology website Believe Perform shared this infographic on mental health statistics. With 25% of the UK population experiencing some form of mental health problem each year, it really is #timetotalk about this important subject. 

0204 Believe Perform Twitter

Bad breath is a fairly common problem, especially after one too many coffees or particularly pungent food. On Friday Men's Health Magazine shared some tips for keeping bad breath at bay. 

0205 Mens Health Twitter

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