Let's get straight to the top tweets from last week. 

Many people start their Monday morning with a cup of coffee. However, exercise physiologist and nutritionist Laurent Bannock highlighted the pitfalls of the added extras. You might want to skip those high sugar syrups!

0104 Laurent Bannock Twitter (1)

If you're keeping an eye on your carb intake then take a look at expert dietician Dawn Shotton's 'handy' guide to portion size which she shared on Tuesday

0105 Dietwise Twitter

A good method of controlling the amount you eat is giving your brain time to know that your stomach is full. On Wednesday Dr Dawn Harper from Channel 4's Embarassing Bodies fame discussed the topic. 

0106 Dr Dawn Twitter

Diabetes cases are on the rise. On Thursday Diabetes UK charity published an article reporting on the opportunity to reduce Type-2 cases by reducing the sugar content in certain drinks.  

0107 Diabetes UK Twitter

Those looking for a simple snack to get you through the afternoon slump should read Annie Clarke's Mind Body Bowl blog. On Friday she shared her energy balls recipe. 

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