Here's our latest installment of health sector Twitter picks for you to peruse. 

Allergies are an extremely common global health problem. It is thought that they affect between 30-35% of people at some point during their lifetime. On Monday as part of World Allergy Week the European Food Information Council shared an infographic on how to identify a food allergy and manage it.

If you suspect you have a food allergy you should consult your doctor. 

0404 Eufic Twitter

On Tuesday a group of researchers based at the University of Leeds shared the promising results from their recent study into Vitamin D supplements and heart disease. 

0405 Uni Leeds Twitter

How does exercise keep our bones strong? Last Wednesday was World Physical Activity Day and the National Osteoporosis Society tweeted an answer to this question. 

0406 NOS Twitter

Thursday's World Health Day was focused on diabetes. Public Health England took to Twitter to provide information on the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme. In the UK alone, 5 million people are at risk of developing Type-2 diabetes, proving that action is needed now. 

0407 PHE Twitter

Here in the UK, Spring seems undecided about whether it has sprung or not. A perfect way to combat the cold is a warming bowl of chilli, especially when it's packed with as much goodness as the one shared by A Mummy Too on Friday.

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