What have people in the world of health been tweeting about over the past week? Here’s what’s been happening:

On Monday, Family Planning Association gave their cautious opinion on the new figures released by Public Health England, showing that overall STI diagnoses had dropped by three percent in 2015.

Diagnoses rates for some areas in the UK rose and FPA argue that the lower overall figure could be down to less testing being undertaken. Furthermore, FPA Chief Executive Natika Halil stated that there was an association between poorer sexual health and higher levels of social deprivation, and consequently expressed the importance of investment in local sexual health education and care services to help tackle this issue:

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There was yet another entry into the good fats/bad fats debate on Tuesday. Medical News Today published a story on a study which found that a diet with a higher prominence of unsaturated fats was conducive to a reduced mortality risk (but that one higher in saturated fats was linked to increased mortality):

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On Wednesday IBS Network shared with us the below tweet from Dr Megan Arroll, linking to a handy app from Food Maestro. The FODMAP app has been designed with IBS patients in mind, to help them identify the foods which they should include and avoid when out shopping and on the go:

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Dr Mallika Marshall on Thursday shared with us this interesting piece by her on the effect of open-label placebos (where the patient who receives a placebo knows that it is a placebo when taking it):

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For vegetarians, it isn’t always easy finding a way to get the recommended amount of protein required into a daily diet; which is why on Friday this tweet from health food blogger and expert Jemma Andrew-Adiamah caught our eye, detailing 10 healthy protein sources which aren’t meat or powdered shakes:

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