What health issues have been in the Twitter headlines over the past week? Let’s take a look:

On Monday, Dietitian and Nutrition Blogger Louise Robertson Tweeted this interesting piece of advice that could help to improve employee health in the workplace:


On Tuesday Olive lovers rejoiced as Medical News Today shared this interesting article about how the Mediterranean Diet could prove to be as beneficial to weight loss as a low fat diet:


Health experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the effect that the overuse of antibiotics is having on our resistance to bugs. However, a solution could be on its way according to this article on tweeted by Global Pharma News on Wednesday:


Last week was Heart Rhythm Week and on Thursday Healthy Magazine reminded us that a simple pulse check can be used to detect a heart rhythm disorder:


Last but by no means least is this helpful guide shared by dacadoo.com on Friday, offering helpful running advice including whether or not you should wear headphones whilst jogging;




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