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Last Monday Exercise Works! shared a link to the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine website. The article provides details of the organisations that have decided to join forces in the fight against obesity. They are hoping that the UK government pays attention to their suggestions ahead of the release of the Childhood Obesity Strategy expected in January. 

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On Tuesday Cancer Research UK explained the strategy being adopted for the next five years to combat cancer and support those effected by it. 

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We're all aware that sitting at our desks for hours on end is not good for our posture. On Wednesday Health magazine kindly provided us with a range of yoga poses we can do whilst we're at our desk and help to combat the daily slouch. 

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Dr Ai Lyn Tan put the spotlight on Warwick University and Medherant on Thursday for their latest invention. The innovative team of scientists have successfully created the world's first ibuprofen patch.

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American news station CNN surprised us on Friday when they tweeted about Google stepping in to help identify the locations of STD cases. The search engine giant is providing data to a select number of researchers in the USA. 

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