Twitter didn’t disappoint last week when it came to the health news. Let’s delve into the week commencing 26th October 2015 and see what interesting tweets were on offer...

This past week saw the World Health Organization expand their list of potential carcinogenics to include processed meat. On Monday registered dietician Helen West shared Cancer Research UK’s infographic which compares smoking to eating processed meat.

2610 Helen West RD

 On Tuesday Reuters shared the outcome of a study which links a high intake of fruit and vegetables early in life with a decreased risk of heart disease in later life. Make sure you’re getting your five-a-day!

2710 Reuters Health

How could you not want to eat more fruit when it can look this delicious? Health blogger Fitness on Toast shares a photo of her Wednesday snack.

2810 Fitness On Toast

Unfortunately flu season is upon us so if you fall into one of the NHS ‘at risk’ groups you should think about taking advantage of your free flu jab. Mumsnet gave a reminder to all pregnant women on Thursday.

2910 Mumsnet

Dealing with a chronic condition like asthma can be difficult. On Friday Runner’s World UK encouraged asthmatics to give running a try to help reduce their symptoms.

3010 Runner S World

 The festive season will soon be in full swing and it can often be all too easy to up your alcohol intake. You can check how much you’re drinking with Drink Aware’s self-assessment tool which they tweeted on Saturday.

3110 Drinkaware

On Sunday to help prepare the masses for another Monday morning back at work A Health Blog tweeted it’s top tips for dealing with stress.

111 A Health Blog

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