Are you feeling as though you're out of the Twitter loop after a busy and bonfire-filled weekend? Worry not, as we provide the perfect guide through last week's thought-provoking, health industry tweets. 

Our #MondayMotivation came from The Mental Runner who writes a blog about his experience using exercise to improve his mental health. In this particular article he shares ideas to help you pick an exercise option which suits your lifestyle. 

The Mental Runner Twitter

No matter who you are, when lovable puppies feature in the news it's difficult to ignore them. On Tuesday The British Medical Journal highlighted how a recent study has linked early contact with dogs with a reduced asthma risk. 

The BMJ Twitter

Last Wednesday was #NationalStressAwarenessDay. Continuing the dog-theme we thought that Sagal Group's tweet might provoke some debate. Would having a pooch by your side lower stress levels in your office? 

Sagal Group Twitter

By Thursday the daily commute was taking it's toll. Cue parenting blogger Jennifer Barton sharing some healthy, and perhaps even fun, alternatives. The team can definitely get behind this idea especially after the summer success of our very own calorie-counting tube map. A must read for Londoners!

Jennifer Barton Twitter

November is all about Movember, as the men's health charity raises funds and awareness for their cause. Friday saw global pharmaceutical brand Janssen share an infographic on pioneers in the prostate cancer field. 

Janssen EMEA Twitter

Saturday was for sharing science and Johnson & Johnson helped us to learn more about our personal microbiome. 

Johnson & Johnson Twitter

On Sunday children's mental health charity Young Minds encouraged us into the kitchen by reminding us how baking can be beneficial to our mental wellbeing. We'd appreciate it if someone could prove that eating the cake is also beneficial.  

Young Minds Twitter
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