If you don't have the time to trawl through last week's approximate 2.5 billion tweets then let us do the hard work for you. We've rounded up the best health industry tweets from the week commencing 9th November 2015. 

As soon as the cold weather strikes, the fight to avoid the almost-inevitable common cold starts. On Monday leading online wellness blog Well+Good shared a whole host of vitamin-boasting drinks you can make at home. 

0911 Welland Good Twitter

The New York Times caught our attention on Tuesday with their story about fecal transplants. The new form of treatment is being used in America to help people with antibiotic-resistant clostridium difficile infections. 

1011 NYTHealth Twitter

Antibiotic resistance is a global concern and on Wednesday the World Health Organization highlighted the causes behind it. The first ever World Antibiotic Awareness Week starts today and is supported by European Antibiotic Awareness Day (#EAAD) on Wednesday, so expect to hear a lot more on this hot topic throughout the week. 

1111 WHO Twitter

On Thursday as part of Public Health England's data week they shared detailed information on the efficacy of immunisation programmes. The smallpox vaccine can be traced all the way back to 1796!

1211 PHE Twitter

After making it through a busy week, surely everyone deserves a treat? On Friday we found the perfect healthy antidote, thanks to Nadia's Healthy Kitchen and her caramel chocolate chip chickpea blondie's. We're impressed that something that looks so naughty isn't actually bad for us. 

1311 Nadias Recipes Twitter

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