Welcome to another weekly Twitter round-up. Scroll down to read the top health industry tweets from the week commencing Monday 16th November 2015. 

How are you fuelling your mind? Harvard Health reminded us on Monday that what we eat isn't just for physical energy but also plays a part in our brain function and even our mood. Another reason to think a little more about what we include in our daily diets. 

1611 Harvard Health Twitter

On Tuesday the friendly folk over at NetDoctor wanted to make sure that you're getting the most out of any appointments that you have with your doctor. If you've got a trip to your GP coming up, why not read their handy guide?

1711 Net Doctor Twitter

Wednesday was European Antibiotic Awareness Day (#EAAD). The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy gave a timely reminder that antibiotics cannot be used to treat cold or flu symptoms. Instead you should read their tips and 'treat yourself better' instead. 

1811 BSAC Twitter

On Thursday as part of the first ever World Antibiotic Awareness Week (#WAAW) pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline explained what they're doing to create new antibiotic drugs. 

1911 GSK Twitter

Last week American actor Charlie Sheen took part in an interview where he shared the news that he is HIV-positive. British AIDS and HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust took to Twitter on Friday to explain some of the terminology used in the interview. 

2011 THT Twitter


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