June is almost over and that means summer is officially here (allegedly). Let’s look at what’s been in the health headlines on Twitter this past week.

Last Monday, with holiday season now firmly upon us, Cancer Research UK Shops shared with us this helpful guide to looking after our skin in sunny weather:

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Cyclists in the coming weeks can undertake their favourite pastime in support of bowel cancer, by signing up to one of these events to raise funds for Bowel Cancer UK, as tweeted on Tuesday:

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For those who aren’t venturing abroad on holiday this year, hiking and camping out in the UK can still provide an opportunity to get away from the stresses of urban routine, as well as being a great way to get some cardiovascular exercise. What’s more, camping isn’t something you have set loads of time aside to do, as the London Hiker blog serves to demonstrate. On Wednesday, they posted this useful article from Alastair Humphreys, giving some helpful tips on how to enjoy the stars without it eating into your busy work schedule:

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Brickabetes aims to raise awareness of diabetes through the medium of Lego. On Thursday, they put together this scene to demonstrate that strength training for someone with the condition shouldn’t be considered out of bounds, and is still important for health and well-being:

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And on Friday, John Snow Labs shared with us this interesting piece from Fast Company on how social media monitoring may soon become a useful tool for doctors when treating depression:

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