What’s been trending the past week in the health industry? Let’s take a look:

On Monday, STAT put together a list of some of the stranger disease outbreaks in history that still puzzle experts today:

Tw 21-3A

Food Allergy Mums on Tuesday drew our attention this interesting Guardian piece, discussing the finer points of allergies and anaphylaxis:

Tw 21-3B

On Wednesday, Gynae Cancer Research shared this insightful and stirring article by Athena Lamnisos on ovarian cancer:

Tw 21-3C

The news on Thursday was of course dominated by the government’s announcement the previous day of the much-debated sugar tax on soft drinks, as reported by Pulse:

Tw 21-3D

While on Friday, Heart UK provided us with some helpful info on the benefits of a Mediterranean diet:

Tw 21-3E

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