Every week the Treated.com team choose Twitter's top health industry tweets to share with you. Here's our latest selection:

Most people have heard of lactose intolerance but many are unsure what it actually means. On Monday nutrition research website FoodMaestro provided us with the facts about this condition.  
0215 Foodmaestro Twitter

Eating Disorders Awareness Week starts today (22nd February) and runs until 28th February 2016. Last Tuesday eating disorders support service Weight Matters wanted to let us know what this important week is all about. 

0216 Weight Matters Twitter

Are you wondering what your relationship with alcohol should look like if you want to get pregnant? On Wednesday Drinkaware shared the current Department of Health recommendations. 

0217 Drinkaware Twitter

The meningitis B vaccine was introduced into the childhood immunisation programme last year. However, it was in the news last week because children born before 1st July 2015 do not qualify. On Thursday UK charity Meningitis Now shared a fact sheet on the new vaccine. 

0218 Meningitis Now Twitter

Physical inactivity can damage our health. On Friday Exercise Works! gave us a boost of motivation to get moving more. 

0219 Exercise Works Twitter

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