Here are our health-related highlights from Twitter over the previous week:

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we talked about workplace stress and its potential effects on wellbeing with mental health charity Mind. During this discussion, we learned that an estimated total of 70 million days in work were missed as a result of poor mental health in 2013 alone.

On Monday, National Osteoporosis Society shared another staggering statistic: musculoskeletal conditions cause 7.5 million work absences on an annual basis. This is the second biggest cause of workplace sickness behind those instances related to poor mental health:

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Napping to revitalise is an interesting science. On Monday, nutrition specialist Claire Pettitt shared with us this interesting infographic from sports scientist Yann Le Meur, highlighting the benefits of a 15-20 minute power nap:

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The subject of calorie-dense milkshakes and their effect on the body was in the headlines on Tuesday, when British Dietetic Association spokesperson Dr Frankie Phillips talked to MailOnline about how consuming said shakes puts a considerable strain on the body’s ability to process the sugars contained in them:

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DVT (blood clots) is another subject we’ve covered recently, and on Thursday, World Thrombosis Day shared this helpful table detailing the most common risk factors for venous thromboembolism (VTE):

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And finally on Friday, Heart UK responded to recent media stories on statins and their potential side effects by sharing some helpful information on the subject:

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