Welcome to the start of a new week! With it comes our latest round-up of top tweets... 

On Monday health alert tweeter Cynthia Roxbury shared a link to an article that outlines the latest technological advancements in the medical sector. 

0118 Health Alerts Twitter

The third Monday of the new year has recently been named 'Blue Monday'. The name came about as this date was reported to be the most depressing day of the year. Last Tuesday mental health charity Young Minds highlighted the need for more awareness on this often stigmatised topic every day of the year. 

0119 Young Minds Twitter

If you're not yet clued up on antibiotic resistance then you might want to click the link shared on Wednesday by Professor of Microbiology, Laura Piddock. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a real threat and is one that everyone needs to take seriously. 

0120 Laura Piddock Twitter

If you need an extra bit of encouragement to make sure that you achieve your New Year's resolutions, then iLongevity has come up with a top tip to help you. Thursday saw them share their motivational jars idea. 

0121 Ilongevity Twitter (1)

New year diets often see people trying to ditch the sweet stuff but keeping on track can be a struggle. If your sweet tooth is complaining, why not take a look at these nutritious banana and blueberry muffins created by dietitian Nichola Whitehead? They're sure to hit the spot and as an added bonus they're healthy. No refined sugar in sight!

0122 Nichola Whitehead Twitter (1)


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