The past few days have certainly been hectic in the news. But what’s been happening in the world of health over the past week? We took to Twitter to find out.

The EU Referendum dominated headlines of all types in the run-up to and after polling day, and the issue of healthcare has been an integral part of the debate over the past few months. On Monday, Digital Health News shared this interesting piece by Lu Rahman for EPM Magazine, which discussed what might happen in the global pharma industry if Britain voted to leave:

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Here in the UK in recent weeks, the hot and sunny weather has been a little more absent than you would expect for June. Nonetheless, for those going abroad or staying in warmer climates, keeping cool is of crucial importance for health and well-being. Last Monday, Nurse Practitioner James Simmons shared this helpful video how to stay safe during a heatwave:

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Medical News Today shared this study on Wednesday, which looked at the development of tumours (of which there are said to be more than 100 different types) in several thousand Swedish subjects. According to the authors, the data suggests that those subjects who had a university education were between 19 and 23 percent more likely to develop certain types of tumour:

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Thursday saw this piece shared by International Glaucoma Association, which told the story of campaigner Amanda Eddy, who was diagnosed with glaucoma as a baby. It isn’t common for the condition to develop in younger individuals, but Amanda’s situation demonstrates that it can strike at any time, so vigilance when symptoms become present is vital:

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Lastly, on Friday the British Skin Foundation shared details of the Big Birthday Bake. To mark their 20th birthday celebrations, the scheme aims to raise funds for skin cancer research, and is open to participants until 1st September:

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