Are you ready to get back into the swing of things after the long Easter weekend? Have a break from the leftover chocolate eggs and take a moment to read up on the top health tweets from last week. 

Are you looking for an exercise that covers both cardio and strength training at the same time? If so, swimming could be the perfect exercise for you. On Monday Huffington Post heralded it as the 'best exercise ever'.  

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A new study carried out by Dr Alexander Egeberg may have established a link between the inflammatory skin condition rosacea and Parkinson's Disease. Medical News Today shared the details on Tuesday

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In a recent blog article we discussed the importance of sleep and how it links to our general health. On Wednesday expert sleep specialist Dr Michael Breus highlighted the effects of alcohol on sleep patterns. 

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On Thursday well-being website A Lust For Life tweeted their article explaining the need to normalise conversations covering mental health issues with young children. 

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Not all bacteria is 'bad' and certain 'good' bacteria living in the gut are thought to support the immune system. On Friday Science News website shared details of a study that looked into the links between bacteria and mental health. 

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