With reputable experts at loggerheads over dieting and nutrition advice, last week was certainly an eventful one in the health industry.

A couple of weeks ago Public Health England released an updated version of what they call the Eatwell Guide, which specifies their interpretation of how much of each food type a healthy daily diet contains:


And of course last week, a report by the National Obesity Forum, which suggested that eating more fat could be beneficial in actually reducing obesity and type-2 diabetes, caused something of a stir in the media on Monday too:

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There were, however, other discussions on the subject that were a little less heated but still offered some highly insightful perspectives. On Monday Healthy magazine tweeted their own version of the Eatwell plate, nicknamed the Eat Better plate, which they argue goes further than the former in terms of its potential health advantages. It is inspired in part by the Mediterranean diet, which has shown a variety of health benefits in several studies.

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Sticking with the nutrition theme, on Tuesday Consensus Action on Salt and Health tweeted their very useful guide to packet noodle snacks and salt content. Did you know that one brand in particular contained the same amount of salt per serving as 12 packets of ready salted crisps?

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As regular readers will know, we recently spoke to mental health charity Mind about the subject of work-related stress and its effects on mental wellbeing as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Last Wednesday, Men’s Health Forum tweeted that stress will be the theme of this year's Men’s Health Week, a campaign running from 13-19 June. Click on the image below to find out more:

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On Friday and with the Bank Holiday looming, National Smile Month, the oral health campaign which runs during the second half of May and first half of June, tweeted this interesting ‘UK Smiley Index’, put together by the Oral Health Foundation. (The smiliest time of the week will perhaps come as little surprise to many.)

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Also on Friday and in support of Ireland’s Green Ribbon campaign, Lust for Life shared with us this candid and very moving piece by mental health advocate Zoe Forde on dealing with depression, and her experiences with medication.

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