What’s been happening health-wise over the past week on Twitter?

Cervical screening is obviously crucial in detecting cell abnormalities early, and identifying and treating those cases which may lead to cancer. On Monday cervical cancer charity Jo’s Trust shared this helpful short video explaining what happens during a smear test:

TW-Monday 25-4

Erectile dysfunction, as you'll read elsewhere on our site, is a very common condition, affecting roughly half of all men over the age of 40. But the fact that it is so common doesn't lessen the impact it can have on a man's confidence. On Tuesday SH:24 shared this article from Good Men Project, reminding those with the condition that it does not diminish a man's masculinity; and furthermore, can be treated through a variety of means:

TW-Tuesday 26-4

Lori-Ann Holbrook highlighted the following report on Wednesday, which hails something of a breakthrough in the study of psoriasis which could lead to new methods of treatment:

TW-Wednesday 27-4

The relationship between dairy and gastrointestinal illness is a complex and often troublesome one. Those affected looking to find out more on the subject can find a great deal of helpful info in the following post by Jenna from A Balanced Belly, which she shared on Thursday:

TW-Thursday 28-4

Lastly on Friday, Asthma UK shared with us this quote from Anton du Beke, highlighting the benefits of dancing to those with (and without) the condition as a valuable form of social exercise:

TW-Friday 29-4

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