Hello 2016!

We hope you all had a wonderful time over the New Year's period. Here's our pick of the top health tweets from last week.

Pediatric allergy specialist Dr Dave Stukus shared some positive study results with us on Monday, showing that asthma rates in US children are declining. However, experts are remaining cautious:

On Tuesday, Gaynor Bussell drew our attention to this Vox piece on some of those more questionable health claims that were made in 2015:


On Wednesday, Eat Clean shed some light on those gluten-free ingredients that aren't always conducive to weight loss:

Eat Clean
And on New Year's Eve, just in time for the January fitness rush, Runner's World published this informative piece on strengthening foot core:

Finally (and fittingly) on New Year's Day, Cynthia Roxbury shared this interesting piece by Daniel Kraft discussing the highlights of the 2015 Exponential Medicine conference:

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