Our Twitter picks have a distinctly dietary theme this week:

On Monday, sleep specialist Dr Michael Breus shared with us this interesting article from Health Magazine which discussed how poor sleep habits can have a detrimental impact on diet (and in turn, overall health):

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Food Standards Agency lead Chun-Han Chen brought our attention to this piece in b&i catering from Barry Moore, a trustee of the Anaphylaxis Campaign, on Wednesday. It highlighted why, in the wake of the Paul Wilson case, food outlets can no longer afford to be lax when addressing customers' allergies to ingredients:

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Action On Sugar shared an insightful video from the kitchen of Jamie Oliver on Wednesday, demonstrating that despite the reputed benefits of some breakfast choices oft-thought of as healthy, they may contain levels of sugar which are startling:

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Putting together healthy meals and maintaining variety can sometimes be a challenge. Nutrition consultant Charlotte Stirling-Reed on Thursday shared with us this helpful selection of healthy dinner ideas for those needing some extra inspiration:

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And finally, on Friday this take on the supposed benefits of the alkaline diet from student dietitians Fight The Fads caught our eye:

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