What health issues have been in the Twitter headlines over the past week? Let’s take a look:

On Monday, NIH Clinical Center tweeted this useful page detailing risk factors, and just about everything else you need to know about osteoporosis (a condition which is thought to affect around 3 million Brits):

Tw 300516

Tuesday saw this interesting Rachel Moss article posted by Huffington Post, which discusses recent studies into self-body image and gender. Contrary to popular belief, the article explains, men are thought to be ‘equally’ self-conscious about their appearance as women:

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The debate on cannabis, its potential health risks and its medicinal properties, is a polarising issue and one which seems to rage on. Medical News Today on Wednesday shared with us this study, which suggested that long-term marijuana use does pose a risk to oral health, but claimed it found ‘no link’ to other several physical health issues:

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Brook, the young person’s sexual health charity, shared with us the encouraging news on Thursday that regulation relating to gay men being able to give blood in Northern Ireland will soon be brought in line with the rest of the UK:

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And on Saturday, PsychCentral investigated the difference between perfectionism and OCD in this interesting piece by Sharon Martin:

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