Here’s our favourite health tweets from last week:

On Monday, WHO shared the staggering statistic that poor water sanitation causes 14 deaths in Europe each day from diarrhoeal diseases:

Tweet Week 2-5-16

Expert dietitian Louise Robertson shared this interesting piece on Tuesday, discussing the potential pitfalls of ‘pester power’ when out grocery shopping, and the duty of supermarkets to position unhealthy snacks responsibly:

Tweet Week 3-5-16
On Wednesday Dr Alessandro Demaio brought some rather shocking stats on obesity to our attention. The below shows how much could be saved in US healthcare expenditure over the next two decades if obesity rates fell by just 5 percent:

Tweet Week 4-5-16

It can be so easy to lose track of how long you’ve owned your mattress, but the benefits to sleep (and in turn, overall health) are numerous when you replace old ones at the appropriate time. The Sleep Council on Thursday shared the following infographic, detailing what the signs that your mattress needs replacing may look like:

Tweet Week 5-5-16

EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome) is a rare condition which can cause a range of symptoms, among which are chronic pain, problems digesting food and fatigue. Project Chronic shared this insightful and poignant blog post by Natasha Lipman on Friday, in which she shares her personal experiences of living with this debilitating condition:

Tweet Week 6-5-16

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