Here’s our pick of health tweets from last week:

On Monday, registered dietitian Andrea Hardy shared this helpful guest post on her site Ignite Nutrition from Liz Hutchison. In it, Liz provides valuable advice for those with IBS looking to minimise the risk of flare-ups while on their travels.

Tw 051216

If any light or social smokers out there needed incentive to give up completely, then it surely came on Tuesday: according to this piece from NBC News shared by Jennifer Haythe MD and John P Erwin III MD, a new study has found that even a one-cigarette-a-day habit is enough to cause very serious health consequences.

Tw 061216

Bury Times on Wednesday reported that local councillors were in the early stages of putting a motion to the government, which would ban alcohol advertising on television prior to 9pm. The councillors hope that doing so will help to reduce the likelihood of people starting to drink at an early age, and subsequently lower overall alcohol dependency rates.

Tw 071216

On Thursday, the Elton John AIDs Foundation retweeted this insightful article, explaining that due to advancements in treatment, the stigma attached to HIV is perhaps now more problematic to live with than the virus itself.

Tw 081216

Lastly on Friday, Breast Cancer Care shared the following guide on what signs to look out for when checking for breast cancer.

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