Here’s this week’s installment of our favourite health tweets.

On Tuesday last week, sugar and obesity campaigner Lou Lebentz shared this link tweeted by Dr Ann Childers, to an interesting piece in The London Economic. A new study suggests that the low sugar diet is the most popular in the UK in 2016; with a quarter of survey respondents drastically reducing intake in an effort to eat healthier.

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Spine Care shared with us this helpful guide from Life Hacker, discussing the techniques those with back pain can use to make sleeping more comfortable:

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Action on Sugar tweeted this thought-provoking infographic from Cancer Research UK, illustrating the role junk food advertising on TV is playing in high childhood obesity numbers:

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On Thursday, Homemade shared with us the news from IRI that the UK market for coconut products, such as coconut water and coconut oil, is now worth a staggering £100 million per year. The popularity of these items is thought to be due to their reputed health benefits (and their endorsement by various celebrities likely hasn’t done any harm either):

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As with most cases when it comes to the benefits of health- or 'super-food', however, more scientific research is needed to give definitive validity to these claims.

And also on Thursday, Professor Chris Oliver shared with us this great infographic from BUPA. ‘The 15-minute workout you can do anywhere’ is a short and effective routine ideal for those who may be finding it difficult to make time for the gym:

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