The seasons are changing, and unfortunately for those with allergies this might mean a flare-up of irritating symptoms; most of us tend to associate the switch from winter to spring with allergy exacerbation, but the transition from summer to autumn can also have an effect too.

So this week, our Twitter highlights carry something of an allergy theme, in which we hope, those under the weather with symptoms might be able to find some items of use (or perhaps simply make for an interesting read):

On Monday, Food Allergy Canada shared this interesting interview piece with two prolific allergy writers, Sloane Miller and Pauline Osena, who spoke about their own experiences with allergies and offered guidance on how to remain emotionally resilient.

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Content Checked tweeted this article on Tuesday from Jamie Kaufmann, otherwise known as Milk Allergy Mom, providing some recipe and treat ideas for those looking to enjoy Halloween while catering to kids who may be allergic to some foods.

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Scratch or Sniff on Wednesday shared this intriguing item from Live Science. It reports how a recent study suggested that up to 70 percent of parents of children with food allergies, who may suspect that they have food allergies themselves, may not actually have a food allergy after all.

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Thursday saw this tweet from Allergy and Asthma Network, linking to an informative report on how climate change is contributing towards health issues for those with asthma, and what measures we can take to reduce its harmful impact.

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And finally on Friday, Robyn O’Brien shared the following thought-provoking perspective, arguing the case for buying organic when food shopping.

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Last week, Dr Wayne published a report on organic food specialists in the UK, which further explored the health benefits of shopping for organic produce.

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