Last week was as busy as ever on Twitter. Here is a selection of tweets that caught our eye [click on an image to view the corresponding article]:

On Tuesday, Health Foundation shared this interesting article from Louise Marshall with us, discussing how so little of the UK’s healthcare budget is spent on prevention measures, when preventable conditions play such a huge role in poor health and mortality:

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Also on Tuesday, talkhealth and Dr Dawn Harper shared this insightful video on the subject of rosacea produced as part of the Experience My Rosacea campaign:

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Those living with this largely under-recognised skin condition can find help and share experiences with other patients over at the talkrosacea forum.

On Wednesday Dr Pamela Peeke brought us news from Yes Magazine that planners in Germany are going to develop a ‘Cycle Autobahn’. It will enable commuters to cycle between 10 different cities, and it is hoped that it will help to decrease the number of motor vehicles on the road by 50,000:

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Aside from reducing the country’s carbon footprint, one other added benefit is that it’ll help commuters to burn off some extra calories into the bargain.

Mental health charity Rethink on Thursday tweeted their helpful guide on offering support to those in need during times of crisis:

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And finally on Friday, Dr Ai Lyn Tan shared this good news of Tesco’s new initiative to provide free fruit for children to snack on during their parent's weekly shop:

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