Morning world. It's Monday. Here are our favourite health-related tweets from the past week (click on the images to be taken directly to the story).

On Monday, Anaphylaxis Campaign and George du Toit shared this compelling piece from BBC Health. It refers to a new study, which seems to suggest that those who bite their nails and suck their thumbs during childhood have a smaller likelihood of going on to have allergies later in life:

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Fitness For You FL reminded strength trainers on Tuesday that during a lifting session, concentrating on form and controlling the weight (as opposed to opting for all-out speed) is conducive to a more fulfilling workout and, in turn, better and faster results:

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Also on Tuesday, The No Nut Traveler shared this interesting piece from The Legal Intelligencer. Speaking to a legal expert from Philadelphia, the article assesses the current landscape of food allergy lawsuits:

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On Thursday, Gunhild A Stordalen shared this report which appeared in the Lancet. It said that men were more at risk of dying prematurely as a result of being overweight or obese than women, and that one in seven premature deaths in Europe and one in five in North America are the result of being overweight or obese:

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Finally on Friday, Dr Tom Frieden, director at the CDC, shared with us his article in STAT which discusses the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak, and the lessons health organisations can learn from it as they turn their attention to tackling the Zika virus:

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