In this penultimate round-up of 2016, here are our health and lifestyle picks from the past week on Twitter:

On Monday, Bella DePaulo PhD discussed the long-held belief that being in a relationship is key to longevity, in this interesting piece for PsychCentral.

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Cancer charity Ovacome shared this helpful guide to identifying ovarian cancer symptoms on Tuesday.

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David Rowlands retweeted this graphic from Dr Hazel Dean on Tuesday too, in which the CDC estimate how different levels of testing and treatment would influence the rate of HIV diagnoses in the US between now and 2050, in four separate scenarios.

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National Kidney Foundation on Friday shared this informative page on kidney dialysis for those who looking to know more about what it entails and how it works.

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Lastly on Friday, Nathalie of Intolerant Gourmand tweeted this useful post, containing a host of ideas for families with food allergies on enjoying Christmas safely.

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