We’ve collected quite the assortment of tweets and articles for you this week, ranging from the intriguing (how cold showers can help to optimise mental agility) to the unusual (how chickens can help to ward off malaria-carrying mosquitos) to the touchingly poignant (a 37 year-old man’s candid story of surviving a heart attack).

Our first tweet comes from the British Lung Foundation, regarding IPF Week. The campaign, which began on Saturday and runs until the 23rd September, aims to raise public awareness of this condition.

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is thought to affect 32,500 people in the UK. It causes the development of scar tissue in the airways, resulting in breathing problems. The condition can be a progressive one, often requiring specialist treatment.

You can find out more about IPF week, as well as advice on the condition itself and seeking treatment, by clicking on the image below:

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Many of us have heard about the supposed health benefits of opting for a cold shower in the morning over a hot one. Nick Greene writing for Prevention decided to put these theories to the test, by taking cold showers for one week. Here are some of the effects he noticed (click on the image for the story):

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There are estimated to be over 5 million people in the UK living with asthma. Yet it is still a condition many do not fully understand and tend to underestimate the effects of; and in some social situations this can prove very trying for those affected.

On Tuesday, Asthma UK tweeted an eye-opening GIF containing quotes experienced first-hand and submitted by their asthma community. Some of the quotes serve to demonstrate a surprising lack of understanding of the condition, particularly considering how common it is.

Click on the image below to be taken to the GIF.

You can read more from Asthma UK on understanding asthma here.

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On Thursday, the British Heart Foundation tweeted this moving story from Brent Edwards: a healthy and active 37-year old father who recently survived a heart attack. In the piece, Brent gives a candid account of the episode before, during and after, as well as his road to recovery.

The story poignantly serves to demonstrate why if you notice unusual chest pain, no matter your age and overall health, you shouldn’t delay seeking medical advice.

Click the image to be taken to the story on Medium.

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And finally, Chromatography Today tweeted this story on Friday, discussing the potential antimalarial qualities of poultry. Recent research undertaken in Ethiopia found that mosquitoes avoided biting chickens, which they later determined as being due to naturally repellent molecules in their biology. Experts hope that the discovery will assist in the development of antimalarial protection for humans too.

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