Here is our pick of health and lifestyle tweets from last week:

On Tuesday, Penn Heart Study shared this story from Medical News Today about an analysis undertaken by researchers in Virginia. They found that swapping just one sugary drink per day to plain old water, while it may not sound like much, can make a difference to health and lower the likelihood of obesity. The researchers also estimated that if everyone in the US swapped their sugary drinks for water, obesity rates would fall by around a third:

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Also on Tuesday, Stroke Association shared with us this page containing some helpful information on high blood pressure and strokes. It explains how hypertension, a significant risk factor for strokes, is thought to contribute to over half (54%) of all cases:

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Following on from our recent post on travelling with a severe allergy, we wanted to share this informative tweet from The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connections Team (FAACT) on Thursday: that the eight foods listed below are the culprits behind a whopping 90% of food allergy cases.

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The Zika virus was in the headlines again last week. On Thursday Nicola Low tweeted this article from BBC Health, reporting one case in which the virus had remained in a man’s system for as long as 6 months (the longest known case of infection prior to this was just under three months). Revised health advice for patients recovering from infection may be on the way:

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Lastly on Friday, Medical Xpress presented this piece on ‘business diets’. It discusses a recent study which discovered that those who follow a ‘social business eating pattern’ (typically opting for eating out over home-cooked meals, relying on snacks more and regularly indulging in alcohol) are more susceptible to atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular illnesses:

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