Seasons greetings to all our readers! We hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas holiday, and getting some well deserved rest and relaxation.

Here is our selection of the best health and lifestyle tweets from the past week:

On Tuesday, FODMAP Friendly shared this interesting piece from their blog. Simply put, FODMAP is the name given to certain type of sugars which are not easily processed in the gut, and can therefore trigger symptoms in patients with irritable bowel syndrome. Those with the condition are therefore advised to keep their consumption of FODMAPs to a minimum during flare-ups, by eating a FODMAP-friendly diet.

In this post, certification body FODMAP Friendly explain the processes their testing centre uses to determine the FODMAP content of foods:

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Georgetown University Medical Center on Tuesday explained how their researchers have discovered that sunlight, in addition to boosting the immune system by increasing levels of vitamin D, also plays a separate role in maintaining the body’s defences, by helping T cell mobility:

Tw 201216a

Viral hepatitis campaigners NOHep tweeted this eye-opening piece on Wednesday from the Global Health Technologies Coalition, running down some of the advancements made on the global stage in healthcare in 2016:

Tw 211216

On Thursday, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (the AAAAI) shared this informative video with advice for those travelling with food allergies over the festive period:

Tw 221216a

And finally on Thursday, Migraine Again shared this news piece, detailing a recent discovery by scientists of a protein which induces sensitivity to pain in those with migraine. The researchers think that it could be something of a breakthrough in migraine pain management:

Tw 221216

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