Here’s this week’s instalment of health and lifestyle tweets that caught our attention.

On Monday, World Obesity shared this piece from BBC news on the subject of food labelling. The ‘traffic light’ system (designed to make identifying the nutritional value of food items easier) is one delivered in varying ways by different manufacturers; and according the report, around one third of UK food packaging still does not use the system at all.

The Local Government Association are calling for a more consistent and universal approach to food labelling to be adopted, so that consumers are able to better decipher the nutritional value of food items.

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Malaria No More UK shared this graphic on Monday, serving to demonstrate that while malaria poses a significant and real risk to health, it also presents obstacles to social progress in those areas where it is common:

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Last week was National Eye Health Week and on Tuesday, Eye Health Week shared this staggering statistic:

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As Dr Osborne has discussed here previously on the blog with the International Glaucoma Association, regular eye tests are crucial in detecting and resolving eye health problems early.

Many readers will know that blood clots (DVT) are more likely in those who spend long periods of time immobile. Time2Move, a campaign which aims to increase understanding of DVT and ‘get people moving’ to lower the risk of clots, tweeted this eye-opening graphic on Wednesday; showing just how easy it is to fall into the trap of staying sedentary for 90 minutes or more (the length of time it takes to raise DVT risk):

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And finally on Thursday, Migraine Action shared this piece from In it, members of the migraine community reveal some of the important life events they had to miss, due to migraine attacks:

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We spoke to Migraine Action back in January, and they provided some sound and helpful advice for those affected by the condition.

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