As summer draws to a close, here’s a selection of our favourite health tweets from last week:

Sunday saw this intriguing infographic tweeted by Ani Shakarishvili MD, detailing condom provision through the years at the Olympic games (click on the graphic below to be taken to the full article on Slate):

Tw 210816

On Monday, World Hepatitis Alliance shared this piece, outlining how the Georgian Government hopes to ‘practically eradicate’ hepatitis C within the next four years through the implementation of a new treatment system:

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On Thursday, NetDoctor tweeted this helpful guide on coughs, and when you should get yours checked by a doctor:

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And lastly on Friday, Lyme Disease UK shared this piece on tick-borne infections. Of course, Lyme disease is the infection we most closely associate with ticks but, as this article reveals, they can carry other infections too:

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