Which health tweets have caught our attention over the last week?

Let’s begin with the news story shared by BASHH and Daniel James on Tuesday, on the high court ruling that NHS England (as opposed to local authorities) should be responsible for funding the supply of HIV prevention drug PrEP:

Tw 020816

NHS England later stated that if their appeal fails and they are to fund the treatment, they will take on manufacturers on the issue of price (the cost of funding PrEP is estimated at between £10m and £20m per year).

Also on Tuesday, British Liver Trust tweeted news of a report backed by United European Gastroenterology, which urges countries to put into place a ‘universal’ screening and vaccination programme for hepatitis B:

Tw 020816a

On Friday, Runtastic shared this interesting article on the misconceptions many may have about the relationship between exercise and food, including why the notion that people who run regularly can ‘eat what they want’ isn’t true:

Tw 050816

Ruth of What Allergy? on Saturday provided us with 20 helpful tips to help combat symptoms during hay fever season:

Tw 060816

And on Sunday, Coeliac UK tweeted this helpful interview video with Dr Peter Gillett, discussing what pre-existing medical factors may put someone at higher risk of having Coeliac disease, and thereby may be more likely to consider testing:

Tw 070816

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