January is officially well underway, and our round-up of health tweets this week has something of a New Year diet and fitness feel:

On Monday, Healthy Living LDN retweeted this interesting article shared by Sarah Harradine. While physical activity is obviously integral to a healthy lifestyle, the piece explains why those looking to lose weight shouldn’t seek to do so using exercise alone, and how important a part diet and nutrition plays in shedding pounds.

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No January round-up of tweets would be complete without a workout recommendation, so here’s a 30-minute core and abs workout from Kelli and Daniel at Fitness Blender. The great thing about it is that, like many of their workouts, it doesn’t require any equipment.

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Yann Le Meur on Wednesday shared this interesting piece of info for those signing up to do 10k runs in the Spring. According to this study, weight training was beneficial in offsetting late stage fatigue in runners.

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‘New Year, New You’ advice is, as you might expect, all the rage during the first couple of weeks of the year. However fitness and yoga instructor Natasha Wynn shared this insightful article from her blog in Thursday, in which she argues that making small adjustments (as opposed to dramatic changes) to your routine is a better way to sustain a healthier 2017. 

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Lastly on Friday, Diana Keough shared this interesting video from ShareWIK, tackling some widely-subscribed-to myths surrounding detox plans. In the video, dietitian Rachel Baer also shares some more practical (and ultimately, effective) healthy eating tips.

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