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Dr Daniel AtkinsonClinical Lead
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A question I’m often asked by allergy patients is: ‘Are there are any countries or places I should avoid visiting on holiday?’ There are indeed places which can exacerbate allergy symptoms; but there also those which can help to provide relief. With this in mind, I thought I’d use this opportunity to give a quick run-down of the places allergy-sufferers may find helpful, as well as those they should take extra care in visiting

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It’s well known that having too much salt in your diet isn’t good for you. But in everyday life, we often don’t consider the very real health risks associated with it.  Here is a Top 20 of the most salty snacks you can find at your supermarket.

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I got into an interesting conversation with a Scottish friend of mine recently. It stemmed from the recent election results, and the emergence of the SNP as a significant presence in the House of Commons; and as is common during discussions about politics, the focus soon moved onto the topic of health and the NHS.


Last week was Metabolic Disease Awareness Week which aimed to draw attention to this common but often overlooked disease. Following on from this some of my patients have approached me asking for more information about the condition...


After a not-so-sterling start to the summer, you might be overjoyed at the arrival of this week's heatwave: at last, a chance to don a pair of shorts, sunglasses, and break out the barbecue. But with added temperature comes added responsibility. It's important to be aware of the health risks...

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A couple of months ago, I led a study into the number of fast food outlets per capita in Scotland’s major towns and cities. Since that research was conducted, the results have gone on to feature in several press outlets; and I was also approached to conduct similar research for...

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People in general, not just mothers and ‘old wives’, like to provide their insight when someone they know is faced with a certain phenomenon; and this is how tales and myths tend to circulate.

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