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Contraceptive Injection

The contraceptive injection is an alternative to the combined pill, patch or ring. It can be self-injected once every 12 or 13 weeks.

  • Can be self-injected from the comfort of your home
  • Over 99% effective
  • Effective for three months at a time

Trying to manage effective contraception around your work life can be difficult, but we’re here to make things easier. At Treated.com, our professional service will ensure your contraception will reach you, direct to your door.

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Sayana Press

Sayana Press

  1. Effective for three months at a time
  2. Can be self-injected
  3. Ready to use
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The contraceptive injection that you can administer yourself, without the help of a healthcare professional, is known by the product name Sayana Press. It is the first contraceptive of its kind in the UK, launching in 2015. Sayana Press is injected into either the upper thigh or abdomen in 12 or 13 week intervals. You can find further information on how to inject Sayana Press here

It is important to note that the first time you use Sayana Press, you will need to be shown how to inject it by a doctor, nurse or healthcare professional. Once you have been shown how to correctly inject the medication, you can self-inject. We recommend making an appointment with your GP if you want to use Sayana Press for the first time. 

As you only need to inject Sayana Press in three month intervals, it is seen as a much more effective and convenient method of birth control than taking a daily pill. The injection is just as effective as other forms of contraception. 

Each month, eggs are released from the ovary, ready to be fertilised by male sperm. When sperm successfully makes contact with an egg, the now-impregnated egg will travel to the uterus and will attach to the uterine wall. From there, the egg will develop into an embryo. 

The active ingredient in Sayana Press is called medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA). This ingredient is similar to progesterone, which is a natural hormone, produced in the second half of the menstrual cycle. The Sayana Press injection works by stopping the egg from developing fully and being released by the ovary during the menstrual cycle. With the egg not being released, it cannot be fertilised, making it much less likely that a pregnancy will occur. 

The only self-injected contraceptive method licensed for use in the UK currently is Sayana Press, marketed by Pfizer. When buying medication from online pharmacies, it is important to know which products they are allowed to sell. 

To buy this contraceptive injection online, fill in our simple questionnaire and choose Sayana Press as your preferred method of contraception. A doctor will review your case, and if the medication is suitable, a prescription will be drawn up for you. Your medication will be dispensed from our UK pharmacy and shipped within one working day. 

Page last reviewed:  23/08/2019
Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment

Presently, there is only one type of contraceptive injection that can be self-administered outside of clinic: Sayana Press. 

The injection is marketed by Pfizer, and is the first contraceptive of its kind available in the UK. The medication is injected under the skin on either the upper thigh or abdomen, and can be self-injected. The medication is effective for 12 to 13 weeks, so you only need to inject it once every three months. Sayana Press can be used as a long-term method of contraception, but a healthcare professional may have to re-evaluate this method after two years of use. 

How does it work?

Sayana Press is a hormonal injection which stops the woman’s egg from developing fully and being released from the ovary, so normal ovulation cannot occur. By doing this, sperm cannot reach an egg ready for fertilisation so pregnancy is much less likely. Sayana Press is a 99% effective method of contraception. 

What are the side effects?

As with most medications, there are a number of potential side effects from using Sayana Press. Some of the most common effects found include: gaining weight, irregular bleeding, period pain, trouble sleeping and back pain. You can find more information on the possible side effects in the patient leaflet.

Can I take them with other medications?

If you are currently taking other medications, or you have taken other medications recently, you should make your doctor aware of this as they can interact with Sayana Press. This includes taking blood-thinning medications called anticoagulants.

Page last reviewed:  23/08/2019
Questions and Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

Contraceptive rings, pills and patches work in a similar way to the injection. The main difference between the methods is how to use the medication. With contraceptive pills, you must remember to take them everyday in order to be effective, whereas with the injection you need to self-inject once every 12 or 13 weeks. 

Should I use the injection or combined pills?

This will depend on a number of things, including your age and your medical profile. You should speak to your doctor to find out which method of contraception is the best option for you. 

Are there different side effects?

As the injection is a hormonal treatment, side effects are possible. You need to be aware of what the potential side effects are as they may indicate a secondary condition that will require medical attention such as blood clots.

Some of the most common side effects of Sayana Press include: feeling nauseous, headaches, irregular periods, depression, tiredness, anxiety and pain in the limbs. You can find further information on the side effects by consulting the product page or the patient leaflet.  

Is it right for me?

Your doctor or family planning nurse can help you decide whether a contraceptive injection is the best choice for you. If you decide to use an injection like Sayana Press for the first time, a doctor, nurse or healthcare professional will need to help you inject it before you start self-injecting at home. 

If you are already using a self-injecting contraceptive method, it is quick and easy to renew your treatment through our online service. Our prescribers will help you - fill in our questionnaire and choose Sayana Press to buy. Once your order has been approved, it will be dispensed and shipped within one working day. 

Page last reviewed:  23/08/2019

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