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Gedarel is a contraceptive pill. It has two functioning agents, which are artificial versions of progesterone and oestrogen.

Finding the pill online is easy. All it takes is five minutes to complete our medical questionnaire, and once your order has been approved, we’ll ship it to you via our express delivery service.

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The price below are inclusive of your consultation, prescription, the medicine itself and secure next-day shipping from our UK pharmacy.

The price below are inclusive of your consultation, prescription, the medicine itself and secure next-day shipping from our UK pharmacy.

Gedarel 20/150
£28.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Gedarel 30/150
£28.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£30.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£32.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£27.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£29.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£42.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£16.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£26.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£49.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£26.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£26.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£26.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£27.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Loestrin 20
£34.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Loestrin 30
£34.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£55.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£34.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£26.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£26.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£39.99 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£29.99 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£29.99 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Femodene ED
£29.99 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Microgynon 30
£25.99 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Microgynon 30 ED
£25.99 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Millinette 20/75
£29.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Millinette 30/75
£29.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£27.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Logynon ED
£15.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£35.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£34.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£32.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£26.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£28.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£25.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£29.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£29.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£57.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£25.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£38.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery

Gedarel is a contraceptive pill. It has two functioning agents, which are artificial versions of progesterone and oestrogen.

Finding the pill online is easy. All it takes is five minutes to complete our medical questionnaire, and once your order has been approved, we’ll ship it to you via our express delivery service.

This content was reviewed by a clinician on

19 April 2022
dr daniel

Dr Daniel Atkinson

(GP Clinical Lead - GMC No. 4624794) 19 April 2022
Product information

Gedarel is a prescription birth control pill made by Gedeon-Richter. The functioning agents in this drug prevent pregnancy by simulating the actions of hormones called progesterone and oestrogen. It is taken once a day for the first three straight weeks of each menstrual cycle.

  1. Available in two strengths
  2. Prevents 99% of pregnancies
  3. Branded product

Every month, the body enters various phases in preparation to have a baby. Ovulation is one such phase, and this is where the ovaries release an egg ripe for fertilisation by male sperm. Following fertilisation, the egg will then journey to the uterus, where it will begin its development into an embryo after it has implanted itself on to the endometrium, or uterine wall.

In cases where an egg is not successfully penetrated by sperm, it simply dissipates once it gets to the uterus, and exits the body, along with the uterine lining, through menstrual bleeding.

The hormones progesterone and oestrogen help to manage this process in the body. As they rise and fall in number, the ovary produces an egg, and the lining of the uterus develops to a point where it is ready to receive it. However, the synthetic hormones in Gedarel, desogestrel and ethinylestradiol, supplement the levels of these natural hormones; and their presence effectively convinces the body that preparations for pregnancy do not need to be made. So: ovulation does not take place; the quality of the endometrium is adjusted so that it cannot accept an egg; and the mucus inside the vagina thickens, so that sperm are less able to immobilise and perform their job.

Gedarel is available in two different strengths: the lighter version may be issued to those are more sensitive to the hormones contained therein; whereas the stronger dose may be used by those who find that the weaker dose does not provide sufficient relief from hormonal symptoms, such as heavy menstrual bleeding or acne.

You can purchase Gedarel online from our UK-based pharmacy. It takes around five minutes to fill in our simple questionnaire, and once you have done so, your case will be checked by one of our qualified professionals. After your order has been approved, we’ll prepare and send it to you by secure courier. Each item we sell is shipped by next-day delivery, so that you can start using it within 24 hours of confirmation from our doctor.

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Page last reviewed:  19/04/2022


You should always adhere to the instructions provided when using Gedarel, to ensure that it is as effective as possible. These will be supplied in the patient information leaflet, however your prescribing doctor will likely issue directions as well.

  1. Administer as directed.
  2. This will be one pill per day for the first three weeks of your menstrual cycle.
  3. Follow this with seven days of taking no pill.
  4. Repeat this sequence in the four weeks which follow and so on.
  5. Take your pill at the same time each day.
  6. Swallow whole with water.
  7. Do not exceed the prescribed dose.
  8. The pill strips are marked with arrows and days to help you.
  9. For advice on when to start using the pill, refer to the leaflet supplied.
  10. If you forget to take your pill, consult the instructions for advice or ask your doctor or family planning nurse for help.

The guidelines above are provided for your information only. Before using this product, please read the accompanying leaflet carefully.

Page last reviewed:  19/04/2022
Side effects & Warnings

Side effects

Some side effects may require immediate medical attention, so it is important to be aware of these before using this medicine so that you can act accordingly in the event that they occur.

Go to your nearest doctor or hospital right away if you notice any signs of an allergic reaction, thrombosis, heart attack, stroke, cervical or breast cancer, or liver disease. Information on how to identify these can be found in the patient information leaflet.

Common (1 in 10 women or less):
Lack of menstrual bleeding, breast tenderness or pain, loss of libido, mood swings, headache, feeling or being sick, acne, migraine, rash, fluid retention, or high blood pressure.

Rare (1 in 1,000 women or less):
Fungal infection, impaired hearing, thromboembolism, hypersensitivity, increased sexual desire, inability to tolerate contact lenses, hair loss, itching, or skin disorders.

This is not a complete list of the side effects which this product may cause. You can find out more by consulting the leaflet supplied with the medicine.


Taking it with other medicines

Gedarel may interfere with the function of certain other treatments, including: antiepileptics such as primidone, phenytoin, barbiturates, carbamazepine, oxcarbamazepine, topiramate, hydantoins or felbamat; medications for tuberculosis such as rifampicin; HIV drugs, for instance ritonavir or nevirapin; griseofulvin; ampicillin; tetracycline; St. John’s wort; cyclosporin; or lamotrigine.

Disclose any medications you take to your prescriber prior to using this product.

Conditions to look out for

Some people should not use Gedarel, and others may only be advised to use it with special care. A doctor will likely not prescribe this treatment for you if you have or have ever had the following: a blood clot; a heart attack or stroke; angina; diabetes with damaged blood vessels; very high blood pressure; high cholesterol or triglycerides; any condition which interferes with blood clotting; migraine with aura; pancreatitis; serious liver disease; breast cancer; cervical cancer; or unexplained bleeding from the vagina.

A doctor may also choose not to issue this medication if you have: a close relative who has had breast cancer; a disease of the liver or the gallbladder; diabetes; Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis; haemolytic uraemic syndrome; depression; sickle cell anaemia; systemic lupus erythematosus; or angioedema.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Do not use this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, think you might be pregnant or are trying to become pregnant. You should have a discussion with your doctor, before taking Gedarel, if any of these circumstances apply to you.

Driving and machinery

You can drive and operate machinery when taking this medication.

Contraception and cancer risks

Please familiarise yourself with the supplied patient information leaflet for advice about cancer risks.  

Lactose intolerance

If you have an intolerance to sugars, you should speak to your doctor before commencing a course of Gedarel.

Page last reviewed:  19/04/2022

Can I still drink alcohol?

Yes. This pill can still function effectively if the user consumes alcohol.

Will I still be able to drive?

Yes. Your ability to drive should not be influenced by this pill. But you should avoid driving if you notice any side effects which may make doing so unsafe, and notify your doctor immediately.

Can I take the medicine while pregnant?

No. You cannot take this product while pregnant, or breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding and want to take the pill, you can speak to your doctor to find out more or refer to our information on other forms of contraception that is more suitable.

How should I store it?

In a safe environment below 25°C.

Am I allergic to anything in the medicine?
This item contains the following ingredients: ethinylestradiol; desogestrel; potato starch; stearic acid; all-rac-alpha-tocopherol; lactose monohydrate; magnesium stearate; silica colloidal; anhydrous; povidone K 30; hypromellose; macrogol 6000; and propylene glycol.

Is it available over-the-counter?

You can only buy Gedarel in the UK if you have a prescription from a doctor. Our doctors can issue a prescription based on the answers you provide to our medical survey.

Is it right for me?

See your GP to discover whether Gedarel is right for you. They will be able to initiate treatment with this pill if it is suitable, after assessing your medical history.

You can get secure access to repeat prescriptions by taking our short questionnaire. A qualified physician will review your case. Following successful consultation, a prescription will be drawn up for you and sent electronically to our UK-based dispensing pharmacy, who will ship your medicine direct to your door, via next-day tracked courier.

Page last reviewed:  19/04/2022
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