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Synphase is an oral pill used in birth control. The active constituents in it are artificial hormones which make the body forego ovulation.

Getting access to the pill needn’t be difficult, or take up valuable time. Our service allows you to get the treatment you need delivered to your door within one working day of approval from our registered practitioner.

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The price below are inclusive of your consultation, prescription, the medicine itself and secure next-day shipping from our UK pharmacy.

The price below are inclusive of your consultation, prescription, the medicine itself and secure next-day shipping from our UK pharmacy.

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Synphase is an oral pill used in birth control. The active constituents in it are artificial hormones which make the body forego ovulation.

Getting access to the pill needn’t be difficult, or take up valuable time. Our service allows you to get the treatment you need delivered to your door within one working day of approval from our registered practitioner.

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09 April 2021
dr daniel

Dr Daniel Atkinson

(GP Clinical Lead - GMC No. 4624794) 09 April 2021
Product information

Synphase is a contraceptive tablet made available in the UK by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. The synthetic hormones in it, norethisterone and ethinylestradiol, provide birth control by simulating the action of progesterone and oestrogen, and preventing processes which make pregnancy possible from taking place.

  1. Easy to administer tablet
  2. Relieves menstrual unease
  3. Prevents pregnancy in 99% of cases

The product is a 21-day pill, which means that it is only applied for the first three weeks out of your regular periodic cycle. This window of application is then succeeded by seven pill-free days, with the treatment being applied again from the following week, and so on. It is a triphasic pill, which means that it contains three different types of tablet. These contain the same ingredients, but in varying levels. They must be taken in the sequence specified by the arrows on the pack in order to be effective.

Before pregnancy can start, the female body needs to undergo a series of preparations, which are managed by rising and falling hormones. One of the chief processes among these is ovulation, or the release of an egg. Following this, the egg is ready to be fertilised by sperm from the male partner, and travels to the uterus.

Another process managed by these hormones is the development of the endometrium, otherwise known as the lining of the uterine wall. This allows the fertilised egg to implant in the uterus and begin the next stage of its growth into an embryo. At a certain time each month, these hormones also cause this lining to be shed through menstrual bleeding.

In Synphase, the functioning components supplement the levels of these hormones as they fall naturally. This makes the body think that it does need to make the above preparations for pregnancy. Therefore, ovulation does not take place and an egg is not produced; and the quality of the uterine wall lining is changed so that it cannot house a fertilised egg. They also increase the thickness of mucus in the cervix, and this makes it harder for sperm to travel through to an egg and inseminate it.

You can buy Synphase from our UK-based pharmacy, and have it delivered within just one working day. Take our questionnaire, and one of our registered practitioners will review the answers you give. Following approval, your order will be sent to our pharmacy who will dispense and ship your medicines via next-day courier.

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Page last reviewed:  09/04/2021


Use this pill exactly as your doctor has instructed, and read the directions in the patient information leaflet fully prior to first use. This will help you to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment, and lessen the potential for side effects.

  1. Apply as per your prescriber's directions.
  2. This will usually be one pill per day for the first three weeks of your menstrual cycle.
  3. Remember to take the pill at the same time each day.
  4. After three weeks, have seven pill-free days.
  5. The following week, begin treatment again and continue this process.
  6. When taking your tablet, swallow them whole, and with water if necessary.
  7. The best time to start taking this pill is on the first day of your period, unless stated otherwise in the patient information leaflet.
  8. Synphase is a triphasic pill, and must therefore be taken in the correct order. Strips containing the tablets are marked with arrows and days of the week to help you keep track of your treatment.
  9. If you miss your dose, consult the leaflet provided for information on what you should do. Contact your doctor or family planning nurse if you require further guidance.
  10. Never take more than your prescriber tells you to.

These directions are for your information only, and do not serve as a substitute for the more detailed instructions supplied with the treatment. Refer to these before use.

Download Synphase patient information leaflet

Page last reviewed:  09/04/2021
Side effects & Warnings

Side effects

Be aware that some side effects may require immediate medical attention. These include those which may indicate an allergic reaction, such as: sudden wheeziness, difficulty breathing, respiratory pain, fever, sudden swelling, rash or itching, particularly if it affects the whole body; or those which could be signs of a blood clot: coughing up blood, pain in your chest which is sudden, sharp or severe, shortness of breath or finding breathing painful, pain in one leg (usually the calf), redness, swelling, feeling of heaviness and skin warm to the touch, first attack of migraine or a migraine which is worse than normal, dizziness or feeling faint, or problems with sight or speech.

Frequency unknown:
Increased blood pressure, feeling or being sick, stomach upsets, fluctuations in weight, changes in appetite, headaches, breast tenderness, depression, changes in sex drive, irregular vaginal bleeding, or womb disorders.

A more detailed list of side effects can be found in the patient information leaflet.


Taking it with other medicines

Let your doctor know if you are using any other treatments, as they may interfere with the function of the pill or vice versa. Synphase may interact with the following products: carbamazepine, oxacarbazepine, phenytoin, phenobarbital, primidone, topiramate, St John’s wort, nelfinavir, nevirapine, ritonavir, rifabutin, rifampicin, griseofulvin, or modafinil. This list is not exhaustive: see the information leaflet, GP or pharmacist for more information.

Conditions to look out for

Some conditions may mean that this pill is not safe for you to use. Do not take it if you have or ever have had: blood clots or a family history of clotting problems; a heart attack or stroke; angina; high fat levels in your blood; cancer of the breast, cervix, vagina or womb; pruritus, jaundice, or pemphigoid gestationis during a previous pregnancy; severe chronic liver disease; unexplained vaginal bleeding; or bad migraines.

You should also tell your doctor if you have a history of the following: epilepsy; asthma; migraines; headaches; visual disturbances; cardiovascular disease; high blood pressure; kidney disease; diabetes; multiple sclerosis; tetany; breast problems; varicose veins; liver dysfunction; severe depression; fibroids in your uterus; irregular periods; sharp abdominal pain; skin pigmentation disorders related to pregnancy; gallstones; sickle-cell anaemia; otosclerosis; or porphyria.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Do not use this medication if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, think you may be pregnant or are planning to have a baby. You should speak to your doctor if you have any concerns surrounding this matter.

Driving and machinery

No effects on the ability to drive or use machines have been noted with this medication.

Regular check-ups

Your doctor will organise regular check-ups for you while you are taking Synphase.

Contraception and cancer risks

It is important to always read the patient information leaflet when you start a new medication. Here you will find details of the pill and cancer risks.

Lactose intolerance

This medication contains lactose. If you have diabetes or you have been told you have an intolerance to some sugars, you should speak to your GP before you use this product.

Page last reviewed:  09/04/2021

Can I still drink alcohol?

Yes. You can drink alcohol while using this drug.

Will I still be able to drive?

Yes, provided you experience no side effects which may impair your capacity to drive. If you do, you should not drive and seek medical attention right away.

Can I take the medicine while pregnant?

No. It is not safe for those who are pregnant, or suspect they might be. It is also not recommended for women who are breastfeeding. You doctor may suggest an alternative form of contraception in this case.

How should I store it?

Keep it in safe, dry environment, below 25°C and away from direct sunlight.

Am I allergic to anything in the medicine?

Synphase tablets contain: norethisterone, ethinylestradiol, maize starch, polyvidone, lactose, magnesium stearate and colouring E132 (blue pills only). Do not take them if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.

Is it available over-the-counter?

This contraceptive pill is a prescription-only treatment, meaning that you can only buy it after consulting with a doctor. Our registered practitioners can issue a prescription based on the answers you supply to our medical questionnaire.

Is it right for me?

Talk to your doctor if you are not taking the pill and want to know which is the best one for you. They will be able to assist you in choosing the most appropriate option, and start your prescription.

If you want to renew your treatment, fill in our short questionnaire to get a new prescription for Synphase from our online pharmacy. Your case will be reviewed by a GMC-registered doctor, who will only approve your medicine if they are convinced it is safe for you. Confirmed orders are sent to our UK-based dispensing pharmacy, then shipped directly to your home via secure 24-hour courier service.

Page last reviewed:  09/04/2021
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