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Norgeston is a progesterone-only pill, or POP, manufactured by Bayer. It prevents pregnancy by simulating the action of progesterone.

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A tablet contains 30 micrograms of levonorgestrel. These are taken once per day, at the same time each day.

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Norgeston is a progesterone-only pill, or POP, manufactured by Bayer. It prevents pregnancy by simulating the action of progesterone.

Getting access to the pill can seem like a lot of hassle. But luckily, our simple service provides you with the means to have your treatment delivered to your door within 24 hours of successful consultation.

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09 April 2021
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Product information

Norgeston is a type of contraceptive known as a minipill. It is so called because it only contains one type of synthetic hormone as opposed to two. Contained in it is a form of progesterone called levonorgestrel. The absence of an oestrogen in this pill means that it is better-suited to those who may be sensitive to this hormone. One of the advantages of the minipill is that it can also be used by those women who are breastfeeding.

  1. Progesterone-only pill
  2. Suitable while breastfeeding
  3. High level of effectiveness

To explain how Norgeston works, it is first important to understand the role which progesterone plays in managing the processes the body undertakes during a menstrual cycle. As well as regulating when the ovary produces an egg ripe for insemination by sperm, it also determines when the lining of the uterine wall (or endometrium) is shed. This lining harbors an egg once it has been fertilised, and provides it with a platform from which to develop into an embryo. Progesterone also controls the thickness of the mucus in the cervix, which sperm has to pass through to reach an egg.

What levonorgestrel does is replace levels of progesterone as they naturally fall during the menstrual cycle. This causes the quality of the endometrial lining to be altered so that it cannot host a fertilised egg. It also alters the vaginal fluid found in the cervix, and makes it harder for sperm to move around inside the womb. Norgeston can also prevent the ripening and setting forth of an egg from the ovary, and stop fertilisation from being able to happen.

This pill is different to combined oral contraceptives, in that it is taken every day during the user’s menstrual cycle. Unlike other minipills, it is also supplied in strips of 35 pills (a 5 week course) as opposed to 28 (4 weeks), but is still taken every day without a break in treatment.

You can buy Norgeston from our GPhC-registered pharmacy, by filling in our medical assessment. Every order is checked by a practising doctor prior to approval, to verify that the product you are opting to buy is safe for you. Following confirmation, your items will be shipped via express courier to your home, from the UK location where our pharmacy is based.

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Page last reviewed:  09/04/2021


Always follow the instructions your prescriber has issued you with, and read the patient information leaflet prior to use. Doing so will help you to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment and lower the danger of unwanted side effects.

  1. Take as prescribed.
  2. This will most likely be one pill per day.
  3. Take your pill at the same time each day.
  4. Do not chew or break up your tablet before you consume it. If you need to, swallow it with water.
  5. If you are starting this pill, it is best to begin taking it on the first day of your period unless otherwise specified by the patient information leaflet supplied.
  6. Consult this leaflet if you forget to take it, or are more than 3 hours late taking it. The leaflet will provide advice on what you may need to do to stay protected. Further help can be obtained by contacting your prescribing doctor or your family planning nurse.
  7. This pill comes in strips of 35. Take them continuously, without a break.
  8. Follow the directional arrows on the strip to help you keep track of the course.

It is important to read the patient information leaflet fully prior to use, as this will provide comprehensive guidelines on how to apply this treatment.

Download Norgeston patient information leaflet

Page last reviewed:  09/04/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Norgeston 30mcg

Side effects & Warnings

Side effects

It is essential to be aware of the side effects the pill may cause so that you can take the appropriate action in the event that they occur.

The following may be signs of a blood clot and require urgent medical attention: the occurrence of a first-time migraine or one which is worse than normal, or the frequent recurrence of headaches; sudden changes to your eyesight, hearing, speech, sense of smell, taste or touch; pain or swelling in your leg; stabbing pain when breathing; coughing for no apparent reason; pain and tightness in the chest; sudden weakness or numbness in one side or part of your body; dizziness or fainting.

Signs of an allergic reaction also require immediate treatment, and include: swelling of the face, lips, mouth, tongue or throat.

You should also let your doctor or hospital know right away if you display symptoms of breast cancer, such as: dimpling of the skin, changes in the nipple or any lumps you can see or feel; or liver disease: severe pain in your upper abdomen; yellowing of the skin and eyes; itching; or liver inflammation.

Frequency unknown:
Intermenstrual bleeding and spotting, lack of periods, mood changes, loss of libido, headaches, dizziness, feeling sick or being sick, weight fluctuations.

This is not a list of all the side effects this product may induce. For a more complete list you should consult the leaflet supplied.


Taking it with other medicines

Let your prescribing doctor know if you are using any other prescription, non-prescription or remedial treatments during consultation. The following may interact with Norgeston or compromise its effectiveness: medicines used to treat epilepsy, HIV, serious vomiting, or high blood pressure; griseofulvin; certain antibiotics; sedatives; St. John’s Wort; anticoagulants; ciclosporin; or lamotrigine.

Conditions to look out for

The presence of some illnesses may inhibit your ability to use this treatment safely. Refrain from taking it if you have ever had: disease of the liver from which you have not fully recovered; breast cancer; vaginal bleeding which could not be explained by your doctor; blood circulation problems; including a blood clot; or severe diabetes accompanied by blood vessel damage.

It may also not be suitable for you if you have a history of: diabetes; pregnancy development outside the womb; ovarian cysts; jaundice; persistent itching; or skin pigmentation problems.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, you should not use this medication.

Norgeston can be used by women who are breastfeeding. Tests have shown no impact on the quality of breast milk or the development of the baby.

Driving and machinery

There are no links between taking this medication and your ability to drive or use machines.

Contraception and cancer risks

Please refer to the patient information leaflet for details about this medication and cancer risks.

Lactose intolerance

If you have been told that you have an intolerance to some sugars, you should contact your doctor before you take Norgeston.

Page last reviewed:  09/04/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Norgeston 30mcg


Can I still drink alcohol?

Yes. It is not thought that alcohol will have an effect on this pill.

Will I still be able to drive?

Yes, as long as you experience no side effects which may make doing so dangerous. If you do, refrain from driving and seek advice from your doctor.

Can I take this medication while pregnant?

No. You should not take the pill if you are or suspect you may be pregnant. This minipill can be used during breastfeeding, but only if your doctor thinks it is safe.

Am I allergic to anything in the medicine?

Norgeston contains the following: levonorgestrel, lactose, maize starch, povidone, polyethylene glycol 6000, calcium carbonate (E170), talc, magnesium stearate (E572), sucrose, and montan glycol wax. Do not use it if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.

Is it available over-the-counter?

No. You can only buy Norgeston in the UK after consulting with a doctor. Our online service provides this facility.

Is it right for me?

Your GP can help you find out. Make an appointment with them to discuss the pill if you are looking to start taking it, or if you are unhappy with your current pill and want to change.

If you are looking to get your prescription for Norgeston repeated online, take our short medical questionnaire. A doctor will assess your responses and once confirmed as suitable, our UK-based pharmacy will dispense your medication and ship it to your door via tracked delivery. Every order is sent by 24-hour courier so that you can expect to receive it the following working day.

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