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Contraceptive patch

The contraceptive patch is an alternative to the combined pill. It is applied to the skin and replaced on a weekly basis. Like the pill, it provides 99% effectiveness.

  1. Discreet patch easily hidden under clothing 
  2. Same rate of effectiveness as the pill
  3. Convenient alternative to daily tablets

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Evra Patch

Evra Patch

  1. Weekly applied patch
  2. Just as effective as the pill
  3. Better for those who don’t like tablets

Transdermal patches are a relatively new development in hormonal contraception. They were first developed and released in the 2000s, and provide an alternative method of birth control for those who prefer not to swallow tablets, or may find it difficult or inconvenient taking a pill each day at the same time. They are applied and replaced every seven days for the first three weeks of the menstrual cycle.

Evra works in exactly the same way as combined oral contraceptives, but the dose in one transdermal patch is released into the body gradually over its application period. This provides the same level of protection as a combined pill.

The process by which the female body prepares itself to become pregnant occurs every month. The name given to the phase where the ovaries produce an egg ready for fertilisation is ovulation, and the natural hormone progesterone plays a huge role in this. When levels of progesterone fall, the ovary releases the egg into the fallopian tube. When sperm reaches the egg and penetrates it, the egg then continues its journey to the uterus where it implants on the uterine wall (endometrium) and develops into an embryo.

The man-made hormones in Evra are called norelgestromin and ethinylestradiol. The first, norelgestromin is an artificial version of progesterone, and when applied in contraception, works by convincing the body that ovulation has already occurred. This stops the production of an egg from the ovary. This hormone, and ethinylestradiol, which mimics the action of oestrogen, provide further contraceptive measures in preventing the endometrium from building up to a point where it can accept egg implantation; and thickening vaginal fluid so that sperm cannot travel to an egg as easily.

The only contraceptive patch licensed for sale in the UK currently is Evra, which is a branded product made by Janssen. When you buy medication online, it is important to be aware of which medicines are or are not available as generics, as some websites may try to sell you products which do not yet legally exist.

When you buy from Treated.com, your order is screened by a qualified practitioner and dispensed by a UK-based pharmacy. We work with registered healthcare professionals whose priority is your safety. Take our medical assessment. Once your treatment has been approved, we’ll have it ready and waiting at your door within just one working day.

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Types of Treatments

The only patch currently available in the UK is Evra, which manufactured by Janssen. It is a small beige piece of material with a self-adhesive, roughly four square inches in size and looks like a regular plaster. You stick it on an area of skin which ideally is covered by a garment and not exposed to external elements. This might be your upper arm, upper back, buttock or your abdomen.

How do they work?

The Evra transdermal patch contains the same active ingredients as the combined pill, namely artificial versions of progesterone and oestrogen, and works in the same way. These hormones regulate the ovulation process in the body, and determine when the reproductive system is ready to make a baby. The synthetic hormones in the patch work by simply prolonging the period where the body isn’t ready.

Hormonal contraception is noted as being one of the easiest birth control methods to reverse. When the user decides they want to get pregnant, they just stop taking it.

What are the side effects?

As with any hormonal treatment, Evra can induce side effects. It’s important to be aware of what these are, as some may indicate a secondary condition requiring medical attention, such as a blood clot or liver failure.

More common side effects associated with Evra are headaches, feelings of nausea and breast tenderness. You can find more on this by consulting the product page or the patient information leaflet.

Can I take them with other medications?

Whether or not you can use Evra depends on what other treatment you’re currently using. It may not be suitable for those who are taking medicines for epilepsy, bacterial infections, HIV or other conditions. Refer to the product page for more information.

Page last reviewed:  22/04/2022
Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

The main difference between Evra and other contraceptive treatments is the form in which it is provided. It is a transdermal patch which is left on for 7 days, before being replaced. Like the pill, it is administered for the first three weeks of the menstrual cycle, with the fourth week being a treatment-free rest period. It contains very similar active ingredients to regular birth control pills, and works in the same way.

Should I take patches or combined pills?

It really depends on what you’re better suited to, and most comfortable with. If you’re prone to forgetting your pill every day, or find using the pill inconvenient, then the patch might be a better option for you.

Are there different side effects?

Many of the side effects associated with Evra are the same as those associated with conventional contraceptive pills.

Is it right for me?

If you are thinking about using the patch for the first time, talk to your doctor. They will be able to help you find out if it is the most appropriate treatment for you.

You can renew your prescription for the contraceptive patch by taking our short questionnaire. A doctor will assess your responses and if it is suitable, issue a prescription. This will then be passed onto our pharmacy, who will dispense your order and ship it you by tracked courier.

Page last reviewed:  22/04/2022

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