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Urine Infection Test

The SELFCheck Urine Infection Test is a home screening kit, which detects the presence of bacteria in the urine. It can be used to tell if you have cystitis or a urinary tract infection, and provides a result in one minute.

To buy your at home UTI test kit online, complete our short order form. We deliver test kits by next-day delivery in secure, confidential packaging.

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PLEASE NOTE: This treatment is not available through our online pharmacy service. This page is for information only. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms related to the condition(s) this medication treats, we strongly recommend that you see your GP in person.

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26 April 2021
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Dr Daniel Atkinson

(GP Clinical Lead - GMC No. 4624794) 26 April 2021
Product information

The SELFCheck at home UTI test can be taken at home to determine the presence of bacteria in the urine. It doesn’t need to go to a lab to be analysed, and gives you a result in a minute. It works by testing for proteins, leukocytes and nitrites. The test can be used to help diagnose whether or not you might have a urinary tract infection (UTI).

How does the at home UTI test work?

The SELFCheck Urine Infection Test works by detecting: 

  • leukocytes (which is a  inflammation marker),
  • nitrites (which can indicate the presence of bacteria),
  • and protein (an inflammation marker) in the urine.

If someone tests positive for any of these three substances in their urine, they may have a UTI and should seek further advice from a doctor.

What is a UTI?

Sometimes referred to as bladder infections or cystitis, UTIs are bacterial infections which affect one or more parts of the urinary tract, such as the bladder, urethra or kidneys. They can occur in both sexes, but tend to be more common in women because the female urethra is shorter, and more prone to being infiltrated by bacteria. Older men are also more at risk of UTIs if they have an enlarged prostate, because the flow of urine can be inhibited and bacteria can collect in one place.

How can I prevent UTIs?

You can limit the risk of UTIs through a range of measures, such as by: drinking plenty of water (to regularly flush out the contents of the urinary tract and prevent bacteria from collecting); wiping from the front to the back after passing stool if you’re a woman (this reduces the chances of moving bacteria from poo to the urethra); and going to the toilet after sex. However, it isn’t always possible to completely eliminate the risk of getting a UTI, and some people may get them repeatedly.

What are the symptoms of a urine infection?

UTIs can cause a range of symptoms, including blood in the urine, cloudy or frothy urine, needing to urinate more often, pain or discomfort during urination or lower abdominal pain. If you notice these symptoms and any of the following apply to you, you should ideally see a doctor if:

  • you’re a man
  • you’re a pregnant woman
  • you have blood in your urine
  • you haven’t had a UTI before
  • you keep getting UTIs repeatedly.

If you have symptoms of UTI alongside diarrhoea, pain in your back or a fever, these are signs that you should see a doctor urgently.

What should I do if my UTI home test kit shows a positive result?

Urinary tract infections can often pass on their own without treatment after a few days. But if your symptoms persist, you may require treatment. This is normally issued in the form of antibiotics. Short courses are most commonly prescribed, but if you have a UTI that keeps coming back, it may be necessary for you to have longer-term treatment.

Can I buy a home urine test online?

To order your UTI test kit online, click ‘buy now’ to be taken to our short consultation process. You’ll be asked to fill in an order form, before your test kit is sent from our UK pharmacy by next-day parcel. We only ever ship test kits in confidential packaging, to ensure your privacy.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2021

The pack contains:

  • two individually wrapped test strips
  • and a set of instructions.

We will also supply two small sterile containers for your urine.

This is enough to perform two separate tests. A second test can be done to confirm the result of the first.

If any of the above are missing when you receive your kit, please let us know.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Urine Infection Test


To ensure your result is as accurate as possible, it is vital that you follow the instructions provided with the kit when performing the test.

  • If you plan to order treatment from us based on a positive result, you should make sure you have a camera or phone ready, along with form of photo ID when doing the test. You will need to upload a picture of your test result when consulting with our doctor. The results displayed on the test strip are only visible for a period of 60 seconds once they appear; if your result is positive, you will need to take your picture during this time frame.
  • The pack contains materials to perform two tests. A second can be done to confirm the result of the first.
  • You should ideally perform the test first thing in the morning, when you first go to the toilet.
  • Women should not do this test during their period, and should wait for up to three days after their period has finished before conducting it.
  • Make sure the container is empty and dry beforehand, but do not use any chemicals or cleaning products to clean it.
  • Carefully urinate into the container provided.
  • Open the pack containing the test strip, taking care not to touch the three test fields on it with your fingers.
  • Dip the strip into the urine for two seconds, ensuring all three fields are submerged.
  • Pull out the strip and remove any excess urine by wiping it against the edge of the container.
  • Place the strip carefully on the foil pack.
  • Wait 60 seconds.
  • Promptly check your result by comparing the strip next to the colour chart in the instruction leaflet.
  • For leukocytes, yellow indicates negative and purple or pink positive.
  • For nitrites, white indicates negative and pink positive.
  • And for protein, yellow indicates negative and green positive.
  • If you see any colours appearing after two minutes, these should be dismissed from consideration.
  • Your result is only negative if your reading shows as negative for ALL three fields.
  • Your result is positive and you should seek medical advice if your reading shows as positive for ANY of the three fields.
  • If you get a negative result but are still having symptoms, you should ask your doctor for advice, as they may need to perform further tests.

Please get in touch with us if there is anything to do with taking this test you are not sure about.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Urine Infection Test


How does it work?

The home urine test contains a paper strip which, when dipped into a urine sample, reacts with certain substances and changes colour. This tells the user whether they might have inflammation or a bacterial infection present in the urinary tract.

Does it need to go to the lab?

No. The test result is provided on the strip.

How long does it take?

In total, the test should only take a couple of minutes. The results will be viewable on the test strip 60 seconds after contact with the sample.

What kind of sample do I have to give for this test?

A urine sample. Ideally, this should be the first urination of the day, in the morning. The test may be less likely to pick up infection markers if you take a urine sample from later in the day, or after you’ve been to the toilet several times.

What happens if I’m negative?

If you’re still experiencing symptoms which persist, you should see a doctor for advice. They may need to perform further checks to see what is causing the problem.

What happens if I’m positive?

A positive test result for any of the three markers means you may have a UTI, or if not, a problem which requires medical attention. You should see your doctor if this is the case.

How accurate is the home urine infection test?

This test was measured against a comparable CE compliant product in an evaluation study. It correctly identified positives (or had a diagnostic sensitivity) for protein in 91% of cases, nitrites in 85% of cases and leukocytes in 88% of cases. It correctly identified negatives (or had a diagnostic specificity) for protein in 91% of cases, nitrites in 99% of cases and leukocytes in 95% of cases.

Are urine infections curable?

Antibiotic treatment can often tackle a UTI and clear the infection up. However, some people may find that they develop infections repeatedly. In such cases, they may need to have treatment for a longer period.

Can you get urine infections twice?

Yes. It’s more common for women to have repeated urine infections than men. About one in ten women get a urine infection on a yearly basis.

Who should get tested?

This test can be useful to someone who thinks they may have a UTI due to the presence of symptoms. It can help you and a doctor to determine whether or not you may need antibiotic treatment. However, anyone experiencing more serious symptoms such as fever, diarrhoea or pain in the back should seek urgent medical attention.  

It’s simple to buy the SELFCheck Urine Infection Test online using our secure and confidential service. After you have placed your order, your test kit will be dispatched from our UK pharmacy by next-day shipping.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2021
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