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Diarrhoea is a condition which affects the gut. Symptoms include loose stools, and a sharp increase in bowel movements.

  1. Severe cases can lead to dehydration
  2. Can be acute or chronic in nature
  3. Easy to treat with prescription medication

Some conditions can be difficult to seek treatment for in person. Here at Treated.com, we want to take the inconvenience and stress out of buying effective diarrhoea medication. Fill in our short questionnaire to have your case reviewed by our doctor.

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  1. Treats acute diarrhoea
  2. Simple to swallow hard capsule
  3. Effective at reducing symptoms


  1. Combats dehydration caused by diarrhoea
  2. Drinkable solution
  3. Contains glucose to promote fast absorption


  1. Used to treat acute and chronic diarrhoea
  2. Relieves symptoms
  3. Branded treatment


  1. Popular and widely-used treatment
  2. Easy to take oral solution or melts
  3. Relieves uncomfortable symptoms
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Diarrhoea is a condition which presents symptoms such as loose or watery stools, and increased bowel frequency. Someone with diarrhoea may go to the toilet more than three or four times per day. In some cases, water lost through frequent faecal excretion may lead to dehydration, which can cause further symptoms such as headache, dizziness or drowsiness.

Most people will encounter an episode of diarrhea at least once in their lives. In the majority of cases, it will not be serious and pass on its own without requiring treatment. But those more serious instances may require medical intervention, to help get symptoms under control and prevent the onset of dehydration. The condition is categorised into two main types: acute and chronic.

Acute diarrhoea is temporary in nature, and may be caused by an infection (this is sometimes referred to as 'traveller's diarrhoea').

Some people may experience acute diarrhoea during times of stress, or after consuming a large amount of alcohol. It is also not uncommon for certain medications to instigate diarrhoea as a side effect.

Persons with appendicitis may also exhibit diarrhea symptoms, but this will normally be accompanied by intense abdominal pain. If both of these are present, then immediate medical attention should be sought.

Chronic diarrhoea is usually the result of long term conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, or coeliac disease, and can cause malabsorption. If you are experiencing persistent diarrhoea symptoms and are not sure of the cause, again, you should inform your doctor as soon as possible. The appearance of blood in the stools is also a matter requiring face-to-face medical consultation and examination.

How the condition is treated will largely depend on the nature of symptoms. Mild cases of diarrhoea can usually be resolved with rest and by drinking plenty of fluids. But in some cases, prescription medication may be issued to help reduce symptoms.

To treat acute diarrhoea, a doctor may suggest a rehydration treatment such as Dioralyte to replace excessive water loss and electrolytes.

Antidiarrhoeals like Imodium and its generic counterpart Loperamide work by slowing down the rate at which the bowel muscles contract. This enables the gut to extract more water during digestion, which reduces the amount of fluids lost and helps to harden loose stools.

Getting treatment for diarrhea doesn’t need to be a hassle. You can have the medication you need delivered to your door, when you use our simple online consultation service. Just take our medical questionnaire, and your responses will be reviewed by a doctor. Following approval, our UK-based pharmacy will dispense your order and ship it via next-day courier.

Page last reviewed:  17/06/2021
Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment

Whether or not the condition requires treating with medication will depend on the severity and nature of symptoms. Less serious instances of acute diarrhoea may resolve themselves in a few days, with plenty of bed rest and the sufficient replacement of lost fluids. However, medicine may be required in some cases as diarrhoea can lead to dehydration.

The cause of the condition will be the major determining factor in how it is treated. There are two types of diarrhoea medication available to buy online here at Treated.com, including; rehydration products, such as Dioralyte; and antidiarrhoeals, which include Imodium and the generic version, Loperamide.

How do they work?

In quite different ways:

Dioralyte helps to replace those fluids and electrolytes lost as a result of acute diarrhoea.

Imodium and Loperamide slow down the passage of stool through the gut, so that more water can be absorbed from it. This helps to reduce watery stools and bowel frequency in those with both acute and chronic symptoms.

What are the side effects?

There are various side effects which have been reported by those using these treatments, but many of these can be attributed to the presence of diarrhea itself. More commonly, these include headache, dizziness or stomach discomfort.

You can find more information by consulting our product pages,

Can I take them with other medications?

It depends on which other treatments you are currently taking. Let our doctor know when filling on our health assessment if you are using medications for any other conditions, so that they can accurately determine the risk of contraindications.

Page last reviewed:  17/06/2021
Question and Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

The main difference is their function in the body: rehydration treatments help to reduce the effects of water loss; and antidiarrhoeals work by decelerating bowel movements to increase water absorption.

Should I take a rehydration or antidiarrhoeal treatment?

The nature of your symptoms and their cause will be the largest determining factors in which medication you use.

The diarrhoea treatments available here at Treated.com can help to reduce the effects of the condition and ease symptoms, and you can find out more about how they work on each of their respective pages.

However, if you are experiencing persistent or severe diarrhoea or bloody stools then you should see a doctor urgently.

Are there different side effects?

Yes. The most common of these are typically headache, dizziness or feelings of tiredness, but side effects will vary between products. Consult the respective pages for more detailed information.

Is it right for me?

Our service provides a convenient route for those looking to buy fast and effective treatment for diarrhoea from a UK pharmacy. Simply fill in our medical survey, and once your answers have been reviewed and your order has been approved, your medication will be prepared at our dispensing centre. All orders are delivered using secure courier services, so that you don’t have to wait more than one working day to start using your treatment.


Page last reviewed:  17/06/2021

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