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A question I’m often asked by allergy patients is: ‘Are there are any countries or places I should avoid visiting on holiday?’ There are indeed places which can exacerbate allergy symptoms; but there also those which can help to provide relief. With this in mind, I thought I’d use this opportunity to give a quick run-down of the places allergy-sufferers may find helpful, as well as those they should take extra care in visiting

Bad habits have often in the past been depicted on TV as being more glamorous than they actually are, or portrayed in a less dangerous light; although, admittedly, recent gritty TV dramas like Breaking Bad are doing their part to address the health and psychological problems these habits can lead to in a more serious light.

People in general, not just mothers and ‘old wives’, like to provide their insight when someone they know is faced with a certain phenomenon; and this is how tales and myths tend to circulate.

It’s well known that having too much salt in your diet isn’t good for you. But in everyday life, we often don’t consider the very real health risks associated with it.  Here is a Top 20 of the most salty snacks you can find at your supermarket.

We all know that not adhering to dental hygiene can harm your teeth. But what a great many don’t consider are the risks to oral health in general. Discoloured or sensitive teeth may be the start, but gum disease, infection and other symptoms can result in some instances too.