If you’re researching ED treatments online, you will encounter many differing opinions and comments.

On review forums, it’s likely you’ll be able to find lots of relevant information and reviews from fellow patients who have used the drug. This is especially true with ED, due to how common the condition is as well as the variety of treatment options that are available.

On this page, we’ll focus on Caverject in particular, looking at:

Can online Caverject reviews be trusted?

It depends on the site. You can tell if a site is credible by the measures that they take to verify you. If they ask for a proof of purchase and other detailed questions related to your experience rather than just openly letting you post anything, then that is one way of assessing their credibility.

For example, some websites that host reviews for treatments will have a verification process before a review can be published. This is to make sure that there are not multiple reviews from one source (which would indicate fake accounts).

Also certain websites will declare that their reviews are moderated by medical professionals, which is another good indication.

But even if the site you’re reading has these steps in place, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the number of positive reviews present in relation to negative reviews is a valid representation of a drug’s efficacy.

An important factor to consider is that someone taking the time to write an online Caverject review may be more motivated to do so because they have had a remarkably negative or remarkably positive experience; on the other hand, someone who expected the drug to be effective and found it to be so may be less motivated to tell others about it.

Another consideration is the self-reported nature of reviews. For example, some people may omit certain side effects, or base their review on one experience with the drug rather than several.

So while reading a review from someone who has used Caverject may give you an idea of what to expect, it cannot be entirely relied upon, as each person’s experience can differ due to factors that may not be the same (such as overall health, severity of symptoms, and so on).

How do Caverject reviews compare to clinical trials?

Clinical trials are a far more reliable way to check the statistical effectiveness of a treatment. They provide data on success rates of drugs from a sample of patients who have used the treatment in a controlled setting. The administration of the drugs will also be monitored as per the instructions, which removes the possibility of (unsupervised) user error.

Along with information on what happened during the clinical trial of a particular drug, there will also be a summary of product characteristics (SPC), which outlines what the possible side effects and warnings are.

You can read more about how well Caverject performed in clinical trials on our advantages of Caverject page.

The drawback is that clinical reporting isn’t always presented in a way which is easy for the layperson to absorb. Some people, looking for information, may be put off by the jargon and use of statistical terminology.

Why you should consult a doctor before using Caverject

Whilst looking over the information from clinical trials and reading online reviews can provide an insight into whether Caverject could be effective for you, you should consult your doctor if you have any doubts or queries about which treatment is best for you. A doctor can also assess your symptoms and look for an underlying cause, before helping you decide the appropriate form of treatment.

Before you begin treatment with Caverject, you’ll also need to be shown how to use Caverject by a healthcare professional. So if you have any concerns about how effective it is, or whether other treatments might be more suitable for you, they will be able to provide you with further information bespoke to you, and your administration preferences.

Page last reviewed:  24/08/2018