The subject of buying erectile dysfunction pills online is one which has been subject to controversy on a continuing basis ever since the late 90s.

And as one of the most sought-after and popular types of medication in the world, there’s little wonder.

With so many counterfeit versions and disreputable suppliers of the drug in existence, it can be daunting to know where to start.

Below are the essential facts about the different ways you can get genuine erectile dysfunction medication safely and legally.

Buying Impotence Pills Online

Much is said about the pitfalls of buying ED treatment online.

While it is true that there are many sites which either do not offer the real thing or are trading illegally; purchasing prescription medication online legitimately is easy if you go to the right place.

Provided you buy from a registered seller, it can be a quick and convenient way for men who have used a particular ED drug before to renew their regular prescription treatment.

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  1. The Remote Consultation

At legitimate websites, before you buy a product, you will have to have to undergo a consultation with a practising doctor. Doctors are able to issue prescriptions remotely, by assessing cases via an electronic medical questionnaire.

This will ask the patient to provide answers about their overall health, and any information about other medications they are using.

The purpose of it is to determine whether or not the treatment is suitable for the user. Where it is, a prescription is granted. If they find that it isn’t, a prescription will not be issued.

In the case of erectile dysfunction drugs, this process is crucial, as there are a number of potentially harmful side effects for those who have certain conditions such as heart disease, or are taking nitrates.

  1. The Electronic Prescription

In those cases where buying the medicine is safe, the prescription issued by the doctor is sent directly to the server of the dispensing pharmacy.

Electronic prescriptions are becoming more widely used in medicine, with the NHS currently in the process of switching to an E-prescription system, as it is thought that it will reduce the capacity for human error.

  1. Dispensing

Upon receiving the prescription, the medication is then prepared at the dispensing pharmacy as it would be at a regular high street pharmacy.

The chemist will then deliver the prescribed item to the customer, usually via secure or tracked courier.

A pharmacy has a duty to protect the discretion and privacy of the person who is ordering the medication, and will therefore be obliged to package the item so that it does not expose details of the contents.

Getting It From Your GP

For men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction for the first time or who have not taken treatment before, it is advisable to see a doctor in person. They may need to perform certain tests to make sure there is no underlying illness present, which could be causing symptoms.

During a consultation, a doctor will ask the patient a number of questions and assess their condition, and issue a prescription for ED medication where suitable.

Some men are entitled to ED treatment on the NHS. This includes those with certain medical conditions. In such cases, treatment may be provided for free, or at the NHS levy.

However, men who do not meet these criteria may have to pay a private prescribing fee. Men obtaining a private prescription will also have to pay the market price for the drug at the pharmacy (not the levied rate).

One obvious advantage of buying ED treatment from a pharmacy in person is that the patient can secure access to the medication right away, and not have to wait until the next morning for it to be delivered.

Some people who have been with the same GP for a number of years may also feel more at ease having their case assessed by a familiar person.

Page last reviewed:  03/05/2018