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Levitra orodispersible tablets (ODT) are a treatment for erectile dysfunction that are taken orally and left to dissolve on the tongue. This unique characteristic means Levitra ODT is very easy to take and discreet.

Advantages of Levitra ODT

  • Administration. Considered to be its main attraction is the fact that Levitra ODT is administered orally and left to quickly disintegrate on the tongue. This means that the tablet does not have to be swallowed. Swallowing a tablet can be problematic for some people and Levitra ODT provides an alternative administration method to the other pills that fall into the PDE5i group of erectile dysfunction medication.
  • Discretion. Levitra ODT is not taken with liquid. This allows those who use it to be more discreet with when and how they take it. 
  • Works quickly. The tablet is taken 25-60 minutes prior to sexual activity.
  • Effective absorption. Levitra ODT dissolves on the tongue, allowing for it to be quickly absorbed by the body and avoid causing stomach irritation.
  • Available in the median dose. Levitra ODT is only available as a 10mg dose. All medications have the ability to cause unwanted side effects, however, during clinical trials those associated with Levitra ODT were considered mostly mild or moderate in severity.

Who shouldn’t take Levitra ODT?

Levitra orodispersible tablets are only available in 10mg, which in most cases is the recommended starting dose.

If you require a lower (5mg) or higher (20mg) dose this product is not for you.

Patients with liver or kidney problems should not take Levitra ODT without discussing the options available to them with their doctor. They may be advised to start on the lower dose of standard tablet or to avoid using the medicine altogether.

As Levitra ODT is a PDE5i medication it should not be taken alongside any form of nitrate medication.

How do I get a Levitra ODT prescription?

If you have erectile dysfunction and want to find out whether Levitra ODT is a suitable form of treatment then you should speak to a doctor.

Our online consultation service allows you to have your condition assessed by a doctor remotely, who will issue you with a prescription for this medicine if it is suitable. 

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Page last reviewed:  16/08/2018